«Scene: the Hero faces off against a corrupted Lucky»

Hero: Come on, Lucky. I don't want to have to hurt you.

«Lucky leaps at the Hero and the Hero slashes their weapon at it»


Hero: Crap, I can't see where she went!

Aria: I'll find her!

Hero: No, don't-

«The fog gets thicker»

Hero: Aria?

«The fog continues to get thicker»

Hero: Eremon?

Eremon: I'm here. But I can't see-

Aria: Luuuuckyyyy!

Hero: Aria! Where are you?

Aria: <Hero>, over here! I think I found-

Hero: Aria!

«The Hero runs off»

«The Hero finds a scrap of cloth on the ground, but no Aria»

Hero: ARIA!!!

«Scene fades»

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