Losing Control / Learning From Dragonfable


«Scene: Iadoa with sky behind him»

Iadoa: There should be time to rest before your next lesson.
Iadoa: There is a story I'd like to tell you first.
Iadoa: A tale of a lad who hopes to become as great a Hero as you are destined to be.

Iadoa: There is a story I'd like to tell you first.
Iadoa: It BURNS… in my veins.

Iadoa: My- my EYES!
Iadoa: All I could see… it was all through a cloud of purple mist. Can't… tell… what you -

Hero: … What can I do to help you? Anything? Tell me!

Iadoa: Don't - run from me! You've got to - PLEASE! *gasp* NOW!

Hero: Choose what! I'm here, going through your lessons. I chose to trust you. I DO trust you.

Iadoa: Need you - to - You've got to *groan* DECIDE. Flux point wavering. Needs to stabilize.

Hero: Is this like… a crossroads in time? The path i choose determines the outcome?
Hero: Wh-what was THAT? Did i do it? Are you - are you alright?

Iadoa: You - you bought us.. time. Not much. But perhaps enough. I will explain *groan* later. If I can.

«Zooms in on Iadoa, his eyes quiver.»
«Scene moves to Hero nodding his head yes.»

Iadoa: It is… growing late, my friend. We don not have time for fireside stories or tales of ancient times.
Iadoa: You lessons must continue. NOW. I feel my mind fracturing and reforming.
Iadoa: Each shard is riddled with Chaos and - and I do not know how much longer *groan* you are safe.

Iadoa: Or if I am. And I do not know what this will do to your lessons. How safe THEY will be.
Iadoa: We CANNOT stop now.

«Iadoa's forehead starts glowing.»

Hero: Your eyes are back to nor - No. I agreed to wait for your explanation. I'm sure you have a reason… right?
Hero: But you didn't tell me: what choice will I need to make? To stop the… flux point?

Iadoa: I WILL try to kill you. Remember that. With each lesson you learn, each step you take.

Hero: But not yet. And that's not an answer.

Iadoa: It is not. Ask me again after you have seen what comes next. We must begin.

«Screen fades»
«Scene: Hero with DF Lesson behind him.»

Hero: Er, WHERE are we? I've done the whole fire mountain thing. Not sure how much I'll learn here.

Iadoa: I… I do not know. No. I DO know, but this - this should not be. I did not design THIS.
Iadoa: I can sense the locations I created. But this framework… this mountain…

«Iadoa raises fist to cave then puts it back down.»

Hero: Will I learn what I need to? If I find what you DID build? Because if I will, then the choice is clear.

Iadoa: I believe so. I - it SHOULD work. I still sense the connections. I still see the pathways.
Iadoa: I just - I cannot control them.

«Scene fades»

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