Loshe Allen

Grieving Widower
What do you want? I saw you talking to Bursha, that nosy hag.

Your wife?
Yeah. I made my wife a new dress and threw out the muddy one this morning. Before she died. What that only this morning? It feels like years ago. We were talking about spoiling our kids…

She died?
Oh, so that's it. Bursha thinks I'm the killer? That's rich, coming from her.

Look at her strange name. Her old folks moved into town from one of the Doomwoods and brought their curses with them. If anyone has anything to do with the murders it has to be…


- Loshe Allen's Quests

After completing the 'Kids These Days' quest:

Grieving Widower
We're out of bread. If you need some, go try the Mill. Good luck, the miller's daughter probably won't be any help.

- I'll try to talk to her. - Closes dialogue box

Location: Eridani


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