Loremoglin Nelaos

Chaos Specialist
Hello there! I know you have met one of my fellow Loremoglins.. but don't let that set how you think of me. Chaos is what I study, and I have been studying for a long time. I never would have thought that Anka would go bad like that, but… too much chaos can corrupt. Just not me. Mehehe.

Studying Chaos
Unfortunately, there hasn't been much study done on the creatures of Chaos in this plane of existence. The Chaos War made people too afraid of it, even Loremasters. It's important work we're doing here, Hero. After all, who will do this if not us?

- Loremaster Anka's Quests

Studying Monsters
Chaos did not come to lore from out of nowhere! It was birthed deep in the Plane of Monsters, as Drakath well knows. If we study the beings that emerged during the fight against the Queen of Monsters, we may gain further insight into its nature.

- Loremaster Anka's Quests

- Chaos Librarium Merge

Location: Chaos Librarium


Thanks to Bad and Tux47.

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