Loremoglin Nel

Lorekeeper and Librarian
Hello, friend! Yes, you’re right - I usually spend my time with Loremaster Maya in the Librarium of Battleon. But now that Nibbleon has its own Librarium, I've been dividing my time between the two cities.

Moglin History
Did you know that moglins don't have a set lifespan? Some of us live as long as a human might; others have lived for so long that their earliest memories are lost to the sands of time. Because of this, we have a vast and rich written history. But, there are still some gaps in our knowledge. I hope to fill at least some of them during my own lifetime.

Moglin Healing
A lot of moglins will tell you that our souls are always pure, and that we are born with a natural form of healing magic. This is not entirely true. We are actually a species aligned with balance, and our inborn magic is the power over life and death. This is why some moglins, like Zorbak, are able to practice necromancy. It is our culture that shies away from that side of things, not our nature.

Dark Makai
The origin of the Dark Makai is shrouded in mystery. Some people believe that they were once moglins, but became twisted and deformed from exposure to the Void - or from living so long that their souls grew dark and misshapen from the entropy of time. Hopefully, my proximity to them here in Nibbleon will help me learn the truth.

Oh, this little guy here? He came in as I was setting up my shop. From what I can tell, this little one's species is attracted to magic… and magic users. He is intelligent - has tried talking to me — but I do not speak his language. Until I find out what his species is called, I've settled on "Fluff." It makes him whistle with what is, I believe, their version of laughter.

- Loremoglin Nel's Quests

Location: NibbleOn


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