Loremaster Lydia

Hello, hero! Welcome to West Greenguard Forest! I'm Lydia, one of the Loremasters who keeps records of everything in the land of Lore. I've been stationed here to help adventurers who might find themselves in need of guidance.

Where Am I?
You are currently in West Greenguard. If you open the Area Map, you can see all of the people who could use your help, and also where this area lies in relation to the surrounding zones.

Where To Now?
Open the area map to find all of the people here who need your help! Once you're finished here, Pete Noggle would like to see you. You'll find him fishing by the river to the southeast.
- To the River

Druids legendsmall.png
There is a tale that every Lorekeeper knows,: a tale of ancient and desperate times, a tale of hopelessness and heroics. If you're interested in becoming a Lorekeeper, or in knowing more about our order, then you should learn the history of the Druids. Let me take you back in time, and show you.
- Go Now legendsmall.png

- Greenguard Shop

Location: Greenguard West

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