Loremaster Houses

Location: Maya - Librarium

Name Rank Price
house_table.png Loremaster Cottage Rank 5 Loremaster Loremaster Hutch x1,
Fabric (1) x1,
Board x20,
Nail x30,
Paint x3,
Varnish x2,
250,000 Gold
house_table.png Loremaster Hutch Rank 3 Loremaster Loremaster Tent x1,
Fabric (1) x1,
Board x10,
Nail x20,
Paint x2,
100,000 Gold
house_table.png Loremaster Library Rank 7 Loremaster Loremaster Cottage x1,
Fabric (1) x2,
Board x30,
Nail x40,
Paint x6,
Varnish x4,
500,000 Gold
house_table.png Loremaster Tent Requires 1 point of Loremaster Fabric (1) x1,
Board x5,
Nail x10,
50,000 Gold
house_table.png Loremaster University Rank 10 Loremaster Loremaster Library x1,
Fabric (1) x5,
Board x40,
Nail x50,
Paint x9,
Varnish x6,
1,000,000 Gold

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