Loremaster Emily

Monster-Hunting Beastmaster
You must speak to Lord Brentan in order to be of help to us.

After completing the 'What Happened to Baldric?' quest:

Shadowfall Emissary, Monster Lore Specialist
Isn't this so exciting? A whole new plane of existence for us to study and explore! A plane of MONSTERS, even! Sure, the circumstances surrounding its discovery are terrible, even tragic. But that doesn't mean we should waste this opportunity to learn!

Yes, I am here as a liaison for Shadowfall. Gravelyn doesn't want to rush into what could end up being a very dangerous situation. So, she has sent me to learn and research as much as I can. Hopefully my studies will help us find a way to fight off this attack without exterminating ourselves.

- Loremaster Emily's Quests
- Rift Gear

Location: The Rift

Thanks to Harrison.

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