Defeat Lord Ovthedance / Lord Ovthedance / Dance Overlord


«Scene: BeeHive»

Hero: Alright, Lord Ovthedacne. Let's see those enchanted shoes?

Lord Ovthedance: What? What do you mean?

Hero: Stop pretending. The Great Godfather of Soul told me all about how you have enchanted your shoes to cheat him out of victory in your dace-off for the past few years.

Lord Ovthedance: Me no have enchanted shoes. Lord Ovthedance no NEED enchanted shoes to win!

Hero: You're right. These aren't enchanted…
Hero: …They're not even real leather.

Lord Ovthedance: WHAT?!

Hero: Uh, nevermind, they're… very nice shoes.
Hero: But you're still right. The Great Godfather of Soul's conned me into doing his dirty work! That weasel!

Lord Ovthedance: Me glad you realize that.
Lord Ovthedance: Would have been better if you realize it BEFORE you beat Lord Ovthedance down.

Hero: Yeah, sorry about that. We've GOT to get you down to the dance-off so you can beat that liar for BOTH of us!

Lord Ovthedance: Am you kidding? Me am not in the best shape… thanks to some random hero who decided to…

Hero: I said I'm sorry.

Lord Ovthedance: It look like YOU have to win dance-off for both of us! Lord Ovthedance will teach you!

Hero: Oh cool! I've always wanted a training montage.

Lord Ovthedance: No time for that. Go get me special training mat!
«Hero goes to get a training mat»

Hero: You mean this?

Lord Ovthedance: Yeah, that it. Now listen carefully.
Lord Ovthedance: Right foot blue…
Lord Ovthedance: Left foot red…

«Fade away»

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