Lord Keystone

Alina's Father,Duke of the Black Hills
*Harrumph* So, you come to speak for that jumped-up sword-swinger, do you? I know what you're about to ask for him, and you won't like the answer. I've already written out a Letter of Permission, but it was swept up after the last bar brawl.

You LIKE Rolith?
'Course I do. The lad's got courage enough, signing up for this marriage. It must've been something mighty important to make him send you in his place. I've seen him stand up to enough Black Hills bandits to know that he'll be a good partner for my girl… even if he DOES choose a blade over a spell-book. Just don't tell him I said that. It'll keep him on his toes.

- Alina Wedding Rares raresmall.png
- Exos Merge Shop legendsmall.png

Location: Saloon
Note: Also see Daring Victorian Garb.


Thanks to Rich Wind.

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