Long Unlive the Queen


«Enkara and Esmee speaking»

Enkara: We heard what you said. He was not a good man.
Enkara: My brother has taken care of him for you, on our Lady's orders.

Esmee: He - he saved me. My momma, she wasn't so smart. Got eaten by a lycan.
Esmee: But he said he could make sure I was taken care of. I just had to play along.
Esmee: The things he wanted… they weren't right. I don't think.

Enkara: No, they weren't. You are not fit to rule. But you COULD be fit to serve.
Enkara: There is a Lady who saw what he had planned. She did not like it.
Enkara: She does not like YOU. You threatened her reign, or he did. But she WILL take you in. Raise you. Train you.
Enkara: You could do great things, if you will take what she offers.

Esmee: I don't WANT to rule. I want to be strong, like you.
Esmee: I want to fight.

Enkara: Then come with me, little one. We'll purge the weakness from your heart, and put a blade in your hand.
Enkara: But right now, we must go see if we even have a lady to return to. There has been a battle for the throne…
Enkara: Let us see who we must bow to now.

«Scene changes to Hero and others bowing to Lady Solani»

Baron Luca: If you do NOT wish to serve a Queen who will smile as she buries a dagger in your back…
Baron Luca: WITH ME!

«Baron Luca flies off»

Queen Solani: Nothing good will come of this. But there is time to address the threat he presents.
Queen Solani: That all THREE of them present. I don't believe any of them have faded away completely.
Queen Solani: For now… I vow to serve those who look to me, and to protect my own. No matter the cost.
Queen Solani: By right of birth and blood and blade, I claim the Vampire Throne!

Hero: Then, my Lady, allow me… Vampires of Darkovia, I present to you… Your Queen!

«Scene fades»

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