Long Lost... Love?



«Scene: Emily and Deadfly standing on Screen 9 of Dead Fly»

Deadfly: Emily… my love… it is time.
Deadfly: At long last, we can finally be together. There is no one left to keep us apart.
Deadfly: I will make you like me. I will tear apart your humanity and return to the Underworld with you by my side.

«Close up on Loremaster Emily and Deadfly»

Loremaster Emily: Uh… so, about that…
Loremaster Emily: Maybe we can talk this through?

«Deadfly rests his hands on his hips»

Deadfly: What is there to discuss? I clawed my way out of the Underworld to find you, Emily.
Deadfly: And I know it was you who opened the door.

«Scene fades»

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