Before completing Madra's Quests:

Protector of the Sacred Tears
Unless you bring word from the Primarch, I have nothing to say to you.

- Go Now

After completing Madra's Quests:

Protector of the Sacred Tears
So the Primarch has sent you to protect the Tears of the Mother? Very well. It is not my place to question the Primarch, even after death. My spirit is attached to my amulet. take it with you and summon my ghost to help guide you through the Death Pits.

My vow to keep the Tears of the Mother from Lionfang is more powerful than death. My death is meaningless if the sacred Tears fall into the wrong hands. My spirit can only be released if you get to them before Lionfang.

Death Pits?
Once you go down into the Death Pits you do not return. The death pits are the only source of a mineral we call Rotstone. The Darkblood have been refining it for centuries but in it's natural form it is very toxic. The tribes would fight for control of the pits and use each other as slaves to mine it.

After our leaders came together and decided to build our city we realizes that we needed more Rotstone than ever but could no longer use each other as slaves. We began raiding human towns and using them instead.

- Logash's Quests

After completing Logash's Quests:

Protector of the Sacred Tears
You have helped me keep my oath and I am free to move on when I am ready but after sharing the pain of the lost Darkblood souls, I wish to remain and help them if I can.

- Death Pits Rewards

Location: The Death Pits

Thanks to Zyrain.

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