Dragonhame Healer and Rec Room Attendant
Ah, yes. You wish to know how to take care of a baby dracolich? Well, not many ask about that.

There's a lot to know if you wish to raise a baby dracolich. It's not like a normal baby dragon. Young Zorbak over there donated a handsome sum to the Dragonhame hospital to hire me for the convention. We were pleased to do business with him.

Wings made of bone are not at all aerodynamic, unlike living dragon wings. So you must ensure that they are old enough to have soaked up enough necromantic magic to power their flight.

Breathing Fire
A dracolich's fire is not TRUE fire — rather, the flames are lit when magic sparks ignite the noxious, mostly-invisible gases that hover around them.

Now this is one thing a dracolich can do just as well as a dragon… provided they do not snag a rib bone on a tree branch while attempting to take off or land.

Hoarding Treasure
Dracoliches do not hoard treasure, unlike living dragons. No, the poor beasts are more often used to guard a necromancer's hoard. Such an undignified use for a majestic creature!

Ah, yes. You would like to bond with a dracolich, or know someone who would? Dragon Amulets are unreliable with dracoliches. But they are much like dogs in that their loyalty and affection can be won through patience and kindness. Beware, though — they can turn just as quickly on those who mistreat them.

- Ll'Ara's Quests



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