Little Terrors, Big Plots


«Scene: The Draconian band is seen lying on the floor defeated. Several baby dracoliches surround them.»

Hero: ZORBAK! You necrotic little pied piper. Turn. The music. OFF!

Zorbak: Meh. Fine. I was ready for a new track, anyways.

«Scene: Back to the entrance of Draco Con»

Bob: Hey… hey… little dude? Jeez… you need a name. Pets LOVE names.
Bob: Something METAL to match the music… but tricky and obvious at the same time - Checkov!

Zorbak: Meh. Even if the whole legion of dracoliches is NOT back together and under my control…
Zorbak: I've gotten enough little terrors to form a new horde.
Zorbak: Because you better believe all the BEST villains will be wielding dracolich hordes in 2017.
Zorbak: And I am better than the best. Mehehehe!

Hero: ……..

Hero: Zorbak? WHAT do you mean, all the best villains will have dracolich hordes in 2017?

Zorbak: Meh. You've taken too many shots to the helm. But if you really don't remember Desolich…
Zorbak: Talk to the people of Dragonhame.

«Scene: Inside The Dragon Plane»

Darkness shrouds The Dragon Plane as the Monster Queen's shadow stretches closer…

«Scene fades»

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