Little Aria's Pet Shop



«Scene: Kimberly, her band, Aria, Hero and the Villagers in Aria's Pet Shop»

George Lowe: Haha! I bet you thought the slimes were some sort of aliens coming to take over the world…. Well, that's what Aria gets for running her little Petshop of Horrors without a license.
George Lowe: How old is she anyway? What is she, like, 7?
George Lowe: Once the Brainslime leader had been defeated, the people of Battleon awoke to find their horrible nightmare was over!
George Lowe: Other than being pixilated 2D game characters
George Lowe: Everyone rejoiced at their great victory — or so they thought!

«Scene: UFO flying over the BattleOn»
«Close up on the UFO»
«Zorbak with a Slime over his head flying the UFO»

Zorbak: Meh Heh heh.

«Zorbak pressing a button, which displays a text over a screen inside the UFO "HOMING SIGNAL… ACTIVE!"

«Seven more UFOs appear over the BattleOn»

«Scene fades»

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