List of Non-Rare Colorcustom Items

1st Betrayal Blade of Nulgath (Pet)
1st Betrayal Blade of Nulgath (Sword)
3rd Betrayal Blade of Nulgath (Pet)
3rd Betrayal Blade of Nulgath (Sword)
4th Betrayal Blade of Nulgath (Pet)
4th Betrayal Blade of Nulgath (Sword)
8 and a half Inch Nails
Abyssal Darkness (AC)
Abyssal Darkness (Legend)
Abyssal Hood
Abyssal Priest of Nulgath
Accessory DaiDoji Dual Katanas
Accessory DaiDoji Katana
Alchemage Armor
Alien Overlord Bubble
Alien Overlord Head
Alpha Lycan
Alpha Lycan Morph
Alpha Male Fox Head Morph
Amazing Anime Mariner (AC)
Amazing Anime Mariner (Legend)
Amberheart Battle-Mage
Ancient Skull Blade
Anime Goggle
Arcane of Nulgath
Archfiend Berserker Helm
ArchFiend DoomLord
ArchFiend Wings of Nulgath +5
Aristocratic Cloak
Armored Royal Prince
Assassins of the Abyss Armor
Assassin's Skullface Cover
Astral Runes
Astute Dress
Avenger Hood
Aviator Scarf and Goggles
Backblades of Assassins
Bald Drow Morph
Ballistic Battle helm
Bane of Nulgath
Baroness Hair Style
Barrier Bot Helm
Base DaiDoji Dual Katanas
Base DaiDoji Katana
Basic Claymore of Pain
Bass Clef Bow
Battle Crown
Battle Mage's Cape
Battle Mage's Cowl
Battle Mage's Staff
Battle Oracle
Battle Oracle Battlestaff
Battle Oracle Hood
Battle Oracle Wings
Beachin' Werewolf
Beams of Celerita Wings
Bearded Armet of the Afterlife
Bearded Axe of Nulgath
Bearded Golden Warcaller
Bearded Helm of Glory
Bearded Stonebreaker Guard
Bearded Warrior
Black Knight Cover
Black Knight Overlord
Blade Master (Armor)
Blade of Ashes
Blade of Pain
Blade of the Battle Kris
Bladed Braid
Blood Summoner
Bowler Hat
Boy Goggles
Bronze Draconian Wings
Bunny Bonnet
Call of Hope
Cape of Darkness
Cape of Giants
CardClasher (Armor)
CardClasher (Class)
Cardinal Cloak
Cat Ear Headband
Cat Ears
Cat Morph
Cavalier Guard
Cavern Scream
Cavern Strike
Cavern Terror
Celestial Champion Wings
Celestial Double Wings
Celestial Paladin Halo
Cerulean Dragonpriest's Locks
Champion Mace
Chaos Breaker's Hood
Chaos Lord Helm
Chaos Werewolf Morph
ChaosGoggles - Female
Chaotic Vampire Blade
Chromatic X-Terminator
Chromatic X-Terminator Helmet
Chromatic X-Terminator Pack
Chromatic X-Terminator Scout Helm
Chromatic X-Terminator Tank
Claws of the Astral
Cloak of Dragonwings
Cloak of Nulgath
Cloak of the Kingdom
Cloak of Vath
Closed Fish Cap
Cocktail Sword
Coin Collector
Coin Collector Helmet
Color Custom Zhoom
Colorful Undead Champion
Combat Soulreaper of Nulgath
Corinthian Helmet
Corpse Maker of Nulgath
Corrupted Dragon Slayer
Courtly Cape
Cowl of Dissonance
Cowl of Malicious Intent
Cowl of the Shinobi
Crimson Mana Staff
Crimson Plate of Nulgath
Crystal Phoenix Blade of Nulgath
Cunning Fox Tail
Custom Dragonsaw Blade
Custom Racer Pet (Mem)
Custom Trooper Sword
Cyber Crystal Phoenix Blade
Cyclops Morph
Daimon (AC)
Daimon (Legend)
Dark Cavern Warrior
Dark Draconian Wings
Dark Hunger
Dark Impact
Dark Matter Knight
Dark Prismatic Katana
Dark Ripper
Dark Shadow Armet
Dark Slayer
Dark Star Claymore
Dark Sting
Dark Sun Mage
Darkblood Peasant
Darkblood Skull Helmet
Darkness Tendril Wings
Ddog's Sea Serpent Armor
Deadly Jester Mask (Legend)
Death Scythe of Nulgath
Deathshead Destroyer
Deathshead Destroyer Helm
Deep Dragon Surfer
Density Armor of Dark
Density Armor of Light
Dimensional Champion of Nulgath
Discordia Chaos Mask
Discordia Rose of Chaos
Djinn Summoner Dual Swords
Doomblade of Destruction
DoomLord's War Mask
DoomMage Hair
Dragarian Hair
Dragon Exultant Staff
Dragon Leviathan Sword
Dragon Morph (Armor)
Dragon Morph Helm
DragonBlade of Nulgath
Dragonlord Armor
Dragon's Envy Armor
Dragon's Envy Helm
Dragon's Incendia
DragonSlayer General Helm
DragonSlayer General Helm Scarf
DragonSlayer's Solace
DragonSlayer's Solace Hat
Drakon Warmage Armor
Dread Wings
Dreadnought Helm (1)
Drow Mask Morph
Druids Fur Cloak
Dual Bearded Axe of Nulgath
Dual Blade of The Fallen
Dual Champion Blade of Nulgath
Dual Crystal Phoenix Blade of Nulgath
Dual Grimlord of Nulgath
Dual Honor Guard's Blade
Dual Party Slasher Birthday Sword
Dual Phoenix Blade of Nulgath
Dual Purified Claymore of Destiny
Dual Ronin Katanas
Dual Shadow Spear of Nulgath
Dual Soulreaper of Nulgath
Dual Tainted Claymore of Nulgath
Duel Swords Paladin Cloak
Easy-Breezy Goggle Girl
Edge Blade 3000
Edvard's Face (CC)
Edvard's Shiny Face (CC)
Elegant Kimono
Elemental Dissonance
Elemental Dracomancer (AC)
Elemental Dracomancer Armor (AC)
Elemental Dracomancer Armor (Non-AC)
Elemental Dracomancer (Non-AC)
Elemental Walker's Flame
Eli's Female Doom Trucker Hat
Eli's Female Light Trucker Hat
Eli's Male Doom Trucker Hat
Eli's Male Light Trucker Hat
Emo Rocker
Enchanted ArchMage Staff
Enchanted Sepulchure Armor
Enchanted Talons of Nulgath
Escherion's Helm
Ethereal Azure Sky Cape
Evolved BladeMaster
Evolved Dragonlord
Evolved Fiend Helm
Evolved Fiend Of Nulgath
Evolved Fiend Pet
Evolved Shadow Spear of Nulgath
Evolved Shaman (AC)
Evolved Shaman Armor (AC)
Evolved Shaman Armor (Non-AC)
Evolved Shaman (Non-AC)
Evolved Soulreaper Blade of Nulgath
Evolved Void Helm
Evolved Void Of Nulgath
Evolved Void Pet
Facebasher Mace +13
Fairy Tail
Falcon Lord
Faust Wings
Feathered Werejaguar Morph Colored
Feline Werejaguar Colored Morph
Feline's Neko Hair
Female Darkblood Incarnate
Feminine Helm of Glory
Fiend Cloak of Nulgath
Fiend's Hood
Fiend's Horns
Fiendwarrior Helm

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