List of Non-Legend Tails

3 Fox Tails
3 Tail Fandango Fox
7 Tail Fandango Fox
7-Tailed Fox Tail
Archfiend DragonKnight's Tail
Archfiend DragonLord's Accoutrements
Aya's Tails
Bestial's Tail (AC)
Black Dragon's Accoutrements (0 AC)
Black Dragon's Accoutrements (AC)
Black Dragon's Pirate Tail (0 AC)
Black Dragon's Pirate Tail (AC)
Black Leopard Tail
Blue Dragon's Accoutrements (0 AC)
Blue Dragon's Accoutrements (AC)
Blue Dragon's Pirate Tail (0 AC)
Blue Dragon's Pirate Tail (AC)
Brown Dragon's Accoutrements (0 AC)
Brown Dragon's Accoutrements (AC)
Brown Dragon's Pirate Tail (0 AC)
Brown Dragon's Pirate Tail (AC)
Chaos WereWolf's Tail
Crystal Dragon's Accoutrements (0 AC)
Crystal Dragon's Accoutrements (AC)
Crystal Dragon's Pirate Tail (0 AC)
Crystal Dragon's Pirate Tail (AC)
Cunning Fox Tail
Dark Draco Tail
Dracolich Wings
Dragon Dance Tail
Dragon Knight Evolution Morph
Dragon Knight Tail Morph
Dragonslayer Slayer Tail
Dragonslayer Slayer Wings + Tail
Drakel Scale Tail
Earth Titan Tail
Electrified Wings and Tail
Emerald Hawk Tail
Enchanted Titan Tail +15
Extra Crispy Dricken Tail
Fairy Tail
Fandango Fox Tail
Feral's Tail (AC)
Fiery Plumage (1)
Fiery Plumage (2)
Fire Dragon Tail
Fire Monkey Tail
Fir's Tail (AC)
Fish Tail (Free Player)
Fluffy Cat Tail
Gold Dragon's Accoutrements (0 AC)
Gold Dragon's Accoutrements (AC)
Gold Dragon's Pirate Tail (0 AC)
Gold Dragon's Pirate Tail (AC)
Golden Hawk Tail
Golden Peacock Feathers
Green Dance Feathers
Green Dragon's Accoutrements (0 AC)
Green Dragon's Accoutrements (AC)
Green Dragon's Pirate Tail (0 AC)
Green Dragon's Pirate Tail (AC)
Hedgie KiguTail
Hybrid Manticore Tail
Ichneumon Spires
Ironwood's Tail (AC)
Jurassic Grenwog Tail
Kaiju Pirate Captain Tail
Lava Tail
leZard Man Tail
Memet Kigu Tail (AC)
Moglin Defender Tail
Mr Happy
Nature Dragon Tail
OMGZilla Spiked Tail
OMGZilla Tail
Orange Dragon's Accoutrements (0 AC)
Orange Dragon's Accoutrements (AC)
Orange Dragon's Pirate Tail (0 AC)
Orange Dragon's Pirate Tail (AC)
Peacock Feathers
Pepto Spectro Tail
Pink Peacock Feathers
Purple Dance Feathers
Purple Dragon's Accoutrements (0 AC)
Purple Dragon's Accoutrements (AC)
Purple Dragon's Pirate Tail (0 AC)
Purple Dragon's Pirate Tail (AC)
Pustule-Filled Tail
Rabid's Tail (AC)
Raptor Tail
Ratawampus Tail
Red Dragon's Accoutrements (0 AC)
Red Dragon's Accoutrements (AC)
Red Dragon's Pirate Tail (0 AC)
Red Dragon's Pirate Tail (AC)
Sakura Dragon's Accoutrements (0 AC)
Sakura Dragon's Accoutrements (AC)
Sakura Dragon's Pirate Tail (0 AC)
Sakura Dragon's Pirate Tail (AC)
Shadow Dragon's Accoutrements (0 AC)
Shadow Dragon's Accoutrements (AC)
Shadow Dragon's Pirate Tail (0 AC)
Shadow Dragon's Pirate Tail (AC)
Shadow Peacock Feathers
Shark Bait's Fin
Snow Buffalo Tail
Snow Leopard Tail
Speedy Hare Tail
Spruce's Tail (AC)
Squirrel Tail
Storm Drakel Tail
Sweetish Fish Tail
Tail of Gorgorath
Tentatail Cape
Tiger Tail
TimeDragon's Tail
Turkey Tail Feathers
Ukki's Tail
Unfluffy Trophy Tail
Uriax's Tail
Water Dragon Tail
Werejaguar Tail
Werejaguar Tail Colored
Werewolf's Tail
White Dragon's Accoutrements (0 AC)
White Dragon's Accoutrements (AC)
White Dragon's Pirate Tail (0 AC)
White Dragon's Pirate Tail (AC)
Winged Stinger
Wise Owl Wings
Wyld Style Tail
Zhongchéng's Tail
Zombie Balls D

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