List of Helms with Horns/Glowingeyes

Automatic updating list of all non-rare/seasonal helms with horns & glowingeyes

Abaddon Curse
Abyssal Hood
Ancient Undead Breaker (AC)
Ancient Undead Breaker (Merge)
Ancient Undead Horns (AC)
Asgardian Helm
Ashen Nymph Locks
Ashen Nymph Morph
Autumnal Nymph Locks
Autumnal Nymph Morph
Azure Spitfire Helm
Bearded Golden Warcaller
BeastHorns of Vokun
Beastmaster Ravager Helm
Berserker Curse
Black Knight Overlord
BlackBolt Horns
Blackhorn Runes Helm
BoltStriker Horn
Bone Terror Skull
Brother's Helm Of Vision
Brutal Warlord Guard
Calavera Head (AC)
Calavera Head (Legend)
Cavern Terror
Chaorrupted Defender Helm
Chaos Bear Head
Chaos King Crown
Chaos Lord Helm
Chaos Queen Crown
Claws's Darkness
Closed Undead Legion Helm
Corrupted Dark Lord
Crested Void War Helm
Crimson Darkness Headgear
Crimson Spitfire Helm
Cyber Blood Guard of Nulgath (AC)
Cyber Blood Guard of Nulgath (Legend)
Cyber King Helm
Cyber Queen Helm
Dark Marrowlocks
Dark Marrowmask
Dark Paladin Horns
Darkblood Skull Helmet
Darrgoross Guard
DeathKnight Helm (2)
DoomKnight Hood
DoomLord's War Mask
Doomwood Oni Mask
Dracolich Destroyer Mask
DragonMaster Stonescythe Plate
Dragonslayer Helm
Enchanter Mask
Evil Cleric Morph
Evolved Fiend Helm
Evolved Shadow Helm
Evolved Void Helm
ExoSkin Helm
Fallen Minion Morph
Fanged Helm of Arachna
Faust Face
Final's Horned Skull
Final's Upgraded Helm
Frost Drake Morph
Gilded Dragon Faceplate
Gold DoomKnight Hood
Golden DeathKnight Helm
Golden Hanzo Void Horns
Golden Warcaller
Gorgorath's Head
Guardian Spirit Morph
Helm of Destruction
Helm of the Dark Lord
Horc Male Warrior Helm
Horned Helm of Arachna
Horned Void War Helm
Horns of Nulgath
Horns of the Chaotic Fleet
Infernal Fiend Hair
Infernal Fiend Helm
Intimidation by Fire
Lavamorph Eyes
Legendary Archfiend Face of Nulgath
Legendary Prime Dominus Visor
Legion Beast Within
Legion Nightmare Helm
Legion Skull Helmet
Legion Titan Crown
Locks of Ancient Evil
Logash's Horns
Logash's Matriarch
Lycan War-horns
Magma Protector Helm
Mask of Ancient Evil
Mask of Balance
Mights Vision Helm
Mighty Zephyr Dragon Head
Nation SoulStealer Horned Hood
Necrotized Battle-helm
Oblivion Helm of Revontheus
Onyx DoomKnight Hood
Original Paragon Helm
Ornate DoomKnight Hood
Prime Dominus Visor
Prismatic ArchFiend Face
Rage Armet
Scourge of Nulgath
Shadow Armet
Shadow ZombieSlayer Knight
Shorn Chaos King Crown
Silver DeathKnight Helm
Sister's Helm of Truth
SkeleCommander's Helm
Skull of Darkness
Starsteel Helm
Terror Guard
The Helm of the Corrupt
The Unholy Helm
Thrax's Warlord Guard
Toxic Spirit Morph
Trophy Helm Advanced
Ultimate DragonSlayer Helm
Ultimate Slayer's Helm and Scarf
Undead Horned Helm
Unholy Shadow Wrath
Viridian Vampire Helm
Warlord of Destruction
Warp Necromancer Helm
Wood Nymph Locks
Wood Nymph Morph
Zealith Reaver Helm
Zeke Battle Helm
Zombie Terror Morph

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