List of All Non-Rare AC Farmable Items

Misc items have been omitted from the list.

List of all Drops

Tail of Gorgorath
Tainted Harbinger Blade
Tank Face
Tank Mech
Tendurrr The Assistant
Tenebris Hood And Horns
Tentacled Tophat and Beard
Tentacled Tophat and Locks
Terror Spikes Cape
The Answer
The Neverborn (Armor) (2)
The Nutcracker
This is Fine
Throwy the Icegloob
Time Wraith Pet
Tiny Astice
Tiny Inferno Dracolich Pet
Tiny Scurvyfins
Tiny Zombie Terror
Tongue of a Savage
TOO Big 100K
Topaz Dirk of Defense
Torn Vanta Hood
Torn Vanta Scarf
Torso Scroll
Toxic Mantis
Toxic Mantis Abdomen
Toxic Mantis Morph
Toxic Mantis Pinchers
Toxic Mantis Visage
Toxic Mantis Wings
Toxic Scythe
Toy Mogdring Mecha Pet
TreasureHunter's Dirk
TreasureHunter's Divemask
TreasureHunter's Mask
TreasureHunter's Sea Wrap
TreasureHunter's Tricorn
Treeant Lore Scroll
Tribal Mummy
Tribal Mummy Helm
Trident of the Sea Witch
Twisted Eldritch Accoutrements
Twisted Eldritch Axe
Twisted Eldritch Blade
Twisted Eldritch Bow
Twisted Eldritch Bow + Arrow
Twisted Eldritch Helm
Twisted Eldritch Helm + Locks
Twisted Eldritch Infernal Cape
Twisted Eldritch Polearm
Twisted EldritchSlayer
Twisted EldritchSlayer's Hair
Twisted EldritchSlayer's Locks
Ukki's Sword
Ukki's Tail
Ultio Leo
Ultio Leo Daggers
Ultra FiendHunter Wrap
Umbral Fiend
Undead Berserker Guard
Undead Berserker Guard Helm
Undead Portrait
Underworld Cleric's Mystic Hood
Underworld Cleric's Skull Hood
Underworld Shrade
Underworld Shrade Axe
Underworld Shrade Helm
Underworld Shrade Minion
Unlucky Chains Cape
Unrequited Love Pet
Unrequited Love's Bow
Unrequited Love's Wings
Unseelie Glassbinder
Unseelie Glassbinder Helm
Unseelie Glassbinder Staff
Uw3017 Cybernetic Mask
Uw3017 Dual Handguns
Uw3017 Gun
Uw3017 Gun and Blaster
Uw3017 Gunner (Armor)
Uw3017 Guns
Uw3017 Handgun
Uw3017 Hooded Skull
Uw3017 Legionator
Uw3017 Sword
Uw3017 Sword + Cape
Vaal's Doom Visage
Vampire Masquerade Fan (2)
Vampiric Knight Beard
Vampiric Knight Hair
Vampiric Knight Locks
Vampiric Knight Winged Hair
Vampiric Knight Winged Locks
Vampiric Knight Winglet Cape
Vampiric Knight Winglets
Vanta BackBlade And Ninjato
Vanta Blademaster
Vanta BladeMaster Hair
Vanta Daggers
Vanta Double BackBlades
Vanta Dual Katanas
Vanta Dual Ninjato
Vanta Katana
Vanta Katana And Scabbard
Vanta Reverse Katana
Vayle's Doom Hood
Vigilant Horatio Pet
Viscyra's Axe
Void BattleMage Hood
Void Battlemage Orb Pet
Void BattleMage Scythe
Void BattleMage ShadowSpear
Void Dragon Battlepet
Void Manipulation Staff
Void Piercer Blade
Void Ripper
Void Ripper Cape
Void Ripper Cape + Scythe
Void Ripper Helm
Void Ripper Scythe
Void Slicer Daggers
Void Soulslayer Scythe
Vorefax Tentacle Cape
Wandering Onryo (Armor)
Wandering Onryo Backblade
Wandering Onryo Blade
Wandering Onryo Flames
Ward of The Ancients
Warden's Aegis Helm
WardKeeper's Armor
WardKeeper's Blade
WardKeeper's Double-edged Blade
WardKeeper's War Axe
Warrior of the Star
Water Fairy Wings
Waterlogged Zombie (Armor)
Waterlogged Zombie Bandana
Weeping Axe of DOOM
Well-wet Hair
White Calligraphy Pen & Scroll
White Mage
White Mage's Hat
White Mage's Hat + Locks
White Mage's Sceptre
Windswept Elf's Horns + Hair
Windswept Elf's Horns + Locks
Windswept Hair
Windswept Locks
Wings of Darkness (2)
Wings of the Deep Trenches
Wings Scroll
Winter Throne
Wisteria Lore Scroll
Wisterrora's Claw
Wisterrora's Reach
WitchLord Hat (2)
Wolffang Knife
Wolffang Knives
World Core's Light
World Core's Lights
Wounded Heart
Xmas Cutie Ears
Xmas Cutie Ears + Locks
Xyfragment Pet
Yokai Spirit Hat
Yokai Spirit Mage
Yokai Spirit Scepter
Yokai Spirit Wrap
Yurrod the Gold Statue (L)
Yurrod the Gold Statue (R)
Zard Boss Lore Scroll
Zeph'gorog Armor
Zeph'gorog Head
Zeph'gorog Morph
Zeph'gorog's Wings
Zombie Terror Morph
Zorbak's Baby Dragon

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List of all Merge Rewards

Vampire Lord (Class) (Merge)
Vampire Lord Locks Morph (Merge)
Vampire Lord Morph (Merge)
Vampire Queen Safiria Surfboard
Vampire Queen Solani Surfboard
Vampire Slayer
Vampire Slayer Hat
Vampire Slayer Locks
Vampire Star Daggers
Vampire Star Polearm
Vampire Star Scythe
Vampire Star Staff
Vampire Starsword Backblades
Vampotato Pet
Vhall's Cape
Vhall's Cape + Sword
Vhall's Dystopia
Vhall's Violence
Victor's Trophy Spear
Visage of Cerberus
Void Chest
Void Executioner
Void Highlord (Class)
Void Knight (Armor)
Void Knight's Blade (1)
Void Knight's Blade (2)
Void Knight's Cape
Void Knight's Helm
Void Monk of Nulgath
Void Monk's Flame
Void Pirate Destroyer
Void Pirate Destroyer's Blade
Void Pirate's Anchor
Void Pirate's Cutlass
Void Pirate's Dagger
Void Pirate's Dagger
Void Pirate's Hood
Void SkinWalker
Void SkinWalker Fiend
Void SkinWalker's Horns
Void SkinWalker's Morph
Wacky Top Hat
Wacky Top Hat + Locks
Water War Hair
Water War Locks
Weaponized Dark Shard
Werepyre Morph (1)
Werepyre Warrior
Werepyre Warrior Blade
Werepyre Wings
Weretato Pet
Werewolf Hunter
Werewolf Hunter Hat
Werewolf Hunter Locks
White Battle Glowstick
Windtorn Wrap
Windwhipped Scarf
Wings Of Abezeth
Wings Of Ciriatto
Wings of Semiramis
Wings of the Flame Dragon
Wings Of The Underworld
Wings Of Viltusial
Winter Assassin
Winter Assassin Bandana
Winter Assassin Bandana + Bangs
Winter Assassin Hair
Winter Assassin Hair + Bangs
Winter Assassin Hood
Winter Assassin Hooded Mask
Winter Assassin Katana
Winter Assassin Katana + Ninjato
Winter Assassin Kunai
Winter Assassin Mask
Winter Assassin Mask + Bangs
Winter Assassin Ninjato
Winter Assassin Shuriken
Winter Defender Alpha
Winter Defense BackRifle
Winter Defense Beret
Winter Defense Beret + Locks
Winter Defense Rifle Alpha
Winter Defense Scarf
Winter Defense Scarf + Locks
Wintery DoomKnight
Wrath of the Legion Blade
Xan's Flaming Skull (Legend)
Xan's Flaming Skull (Non-Legend)
Yaksa Tapod
Yaksha and Kinnaree
Yaksha Hair
Yaksha Mask
Yokai Kabuto Helmet
Yokai Kabuto Mask
Yokai Senshi
Zorbak MoglinRider Daimyo

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List of all Quest Rewards

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