List of All Non-Rare AC Farmable Items

Misc items have been omitted from the list.

List of all Drops

Frosted Katana
Frosted Katana + Ninjato
Frosted Kunai
Frosted Ninjato
Frosted Shuriken
FrostSlayer X
Frostval Barbarian Cape
Frostval Barbarian Daggers
Frostval Barbarian Poleaxe
Frostval NutCracker
Frostval Nutcracker Morph Hat
Frosty Barbarian's Beard
Frosty-val Doge Helm
Frozen Back Blades
Frozen Fist Top Knot + Beard (Free Player)
Frozen Fist Top Knot + Scarf (Free Player)
Frozen Flame of Kheimon (Free Player)
Frozen Pyromancer (Armor)
Frozen Pyromancer Morph
Frozen Rune of Kheimon (Free Player)
Fuzzy Ear Muffs (2)
Gaiazor Pet (AC)
Galaxy Witch
Galaxy Witch Hat
Galaxy Witch Hat + Locks
Galaxy Witch Hat + Long Locks
Galaxy Witch Locks
Galaxy Witch Wand
General Nevanna
General Nevanna Helm
Ghostly Good Boi
Ghostly Spirit Hat
Ghostly Spirit Mage
Ghostly Spirit Scepter
Ghostly Spirit Wrap
Giant Aozora Kijimuna
Giefurious Armor
Giefurious Morph
Giefurious Pet
Giefury Armor
Giefury Morph
Giefury Pet
Gift of the Void Blade
Gilded TreasureHunter's Blade
Glacial FrostScythe
Glacial FrostScythe Cape
Glacial FrostScythe Helm
Glacial FrostScythe Scythe
Glacial FrostScythe Wings
Glacial FrostScythe Wrap
Glacial Knight
Glacial Knight Cape
Glacial Knight Crown
Glacial Knight Crown Locks
Glacial Knight Hair
Glacial Knight Locks
Glacial Knight Rune
Glacial Knight Rune Sword Cape
Glacial Knight Shag
Glacial Knight Sword
Glacial Knight Swords
GleebleGlarble BattlePet
GleebleGlarble Guard (Left)
GleebleGlarble Guard (Right)
GleebleGlarble Pet
Glowing Abyssal Flame Bandana
Glowing Caster's Reversed Skewer
Glowing Caster's Skewer
Glowing Pyroclastic Bandana
Gold Trobbolier Morph
Golden Defender's Daggers
Golden Defenders Lance
Golden Reaper Helm
Golden Valentine Warrior
Golden Valentine Warrior Helm
Golden Valentine Warrior Locks
Golgar's Head
Golgar's Wings
GonnaGetcha Trident
Grand Theft Frogzard
Gravelyn's Dragon Armor
Gravelyn's Dragon Cape
Gravelyn's Dragon Helm
Gravelyn's Tiara
Great Dragons Scroll
Great Fire DragonBlade
Green Dragon Fountain
Green Rat Lore Scroll
Grenwog's Bigger Gloves Trophy Cape
Grenwog's Gloves Trophy Cape
GrenwogSlayer's Accoutrements
GrenwogSlayer's Bow
GrenwogSlayer's Daggers
GrenwogSlayer's Sword
Grizzly Lore Scroll
Grumble's Curse
Guardian's Blade of Light
Guard's Shag
Guiding Stars Cape
Hard Candy
Harlequin's Persuasion Bat
Harvester Drone Pet
Helm of the Ascended Paragon
Hollowborn Blade
Hollowborn Kindness
Hollowborn Pistol
Hollowborn Santa Hat
Hollowborn Santa Hat + Locks
Hollowborn Spear
Hollowed Oniga Helm
Honorable Boar Guard (L)
Honorable Boar Guard (R)
Honorable Boar Pet
Hooded Horns of Gorgorath
Horc Warrior Lore Scroll
Horns of Gorgorath
Hot Mama (Pet)
Hyosubei Pet
Ice Wolf Pup
IceBreaker Blade
IceBreaker Bow
Icebreaker Hair
Icebreaker Locks
IceBreaker Mage
Icecrystal Wings
Icy Dragonoid
Imperium Leo
Incarnation of Glitches Scythe
Infernal Revenger Backblade
Infernal Revenger Cape
Infernal Revenger Hair
Infernal Revenger Locks
Infernal Revenger Wings
Inferno Dracolich Armor
Inferno Dracolich Helm
Infernus' Wings
Infinity Shield Cape
Inugami Pet
I-Scweam Hood
Jalnar Not Twig
Jaw of a Savage
Jemini Morph
Kagan's Head
Katana of Shadows
Keeper's Hood
Keeper's Mask
Kezeroth Lore Scroll
Kezeroth's Armor (Legend)
Kezeroth's Cape (Legend)
Kezeroth's Helm (Legend)
Kezeroth's Shattered Helm
Killek BoneBreaker (Armor)
Kitty Boo Boo's Secret (House Item)
Kitty Boo Boo's Super Secret (House Item)
Knives of a Savage
Korin's Happy Bag Face
Kraylox DeepDweller Morph
Kurogatana + Onigatana
Lascivia in your House
Laser Hanzamune Blade
Lava Starsword
Lavasite Battlepet
Legion Fenrir Lore Scroll
Legionator (Armor)
Legionator Cape
Legionator Faceplate
Libran Scales
Light Libran Scales
Li'l Drosselmeyer Pet
Lore Golem (Armor)
Lurker Lore Scroll
Magey the Icegloob
Magical Dryad's Full Ancestor Wings
Magma Katana
Magnifying Glass
Maiden's Aegis Helm
Malevolent Cultist Mask
Malothian Eggs
Mane of Gorgorath
Manor of Love
Mantis Wings And Abdomen
Maya's Frostval Hair
Maya's Frostval Locks
Maya's Winter Gear
McBoney's Morph
Melty The Icegloob
Merry Frostvale Outfit
Midnight Tophat
Mini Aozora Kijimuna
Mini Klashex Pet
Mini Reishi
Miniature Goregold Pet
Miniature Uriax
Mirror BladeMaster
Mirror BladeMaster Hair
Mirror BladeMaster Locks
Mirror Dark High Halo
Mirror Drakath Morph
Mirror Drakath's Hair
Mirrored Katana
Mirrored Katana Backblades
Missing Keys Plaque
Mogdring Pet
Monstrous Pirate
Monstrous Pirate Blade Cape
Monstrous Pirate Morph
Monstrous Pirate Pistol Cape
Monstrous Pirate's Captain Hat
Monstrous Pirate's Cutlass
Monstrous Pirate's Horn
Monstrous Pirate's Pistol
Moros' Flaming Blade
Mosquito Lore Scroll
Mr. Cuddles Pet
Mr Happy
Mr. Wubbles Mace
Mr. Wubbles Pet
Mutant Shadow Dragon Pet
Mutated Pink Trobbolier Morph
Mutated Plague Cape
Mysterious Cake Pet
Mysterious Hamster Pet
Mysterious Vanta Hood
Mythsong Crystal House
Nagami Armor
Nakhiir Armor
Nakhiir Helm
Nakhiir Wings Closed
Nakhiir Wings Open
NecROMANCE (Armor)
NecROMANCE Hip Sheath
Necromancer Tome + Pool
Necrotic Caster
Necrotic Caster Cross Back
Necrotic Caster Grave Spade
Necrotic Caster Hair
Necrotic Caster Locks
Necrotic Caster Locks Morph
Necrotic Caster Mask
Necrotic Caster Mask Morph
Necrotic Caster Masked Locks
Necrotic Caster Scroll

List of all Merge Rewards

Dual Legion Fans
Dual Leviasea Sword
Dual Lucky Caladbolgs
Dual Mace of the Grand Inquisitor
Dual Maximillian's Whip
Dual Mighty Sword of the Dragons
Dual Morning Stars
Dual Necrotic Swords of Doom
Dual Oblivion of Nulgath Maces
Dual Overfiend Blade of Nulgath
Dual Overlord's DoomBlade
Dual Painsaw of Eidolon
Dual Party Slasher Birthday Sword
Dual Pencil of Endless Scribbles
Dual Phoenix Blade of Nulgath
Dual Platinum Axe of Destiny
Dual Rapier of Skulls
Dual ReignBringers
Dual Rocks
Dual Shadow Spear of Nulgath
Dual ShadowReapers Of Doom
Dual Shadow's Aura Orb
Dual Sickles of Gathering
Dual Siege Mauls
Dual Soulreaper of Nulgath
Dual Stalker's Blades
Dual Star Sword
Dual Star Sword Breaker
Dual Super Scion Balls
Dual Super Scion Blades
Dual Tachyon Blades
Dual TheWicked
Dual Thronetaker's Blade
Dual Truly Cursed Legion Blades
Dual Ugly Stick
Dual Unarmed
Dual Undead Plague Spear
Dual WarpForce War Shovel 20K
Duel Swords Paladin Cloak
Dwakelcharged Slicer
Dwarfhold Banner I
Dwarfhold Banner II
Edge of Light
Edge Of The Void
Edgy Punk Attack Guitar
Elegant Frost Locks
Elegant Frost Suit
Elegant Frost Topper
Emerald Arcanist Robes
Emerald Edge of Gorgok
Empowered DOOMFire Blade
Enchanted Abaddon's Terror
Enchanted Arcana's Disciple
Enchanted Beastmaster Blade
Enchanted Beastmaster Bow
Enchanted Beastmaster Daggers
Enchanted Beastmaster Staff
Enchanted Big 100K
Enchanted Bloodriver
Enchanted Celestial Staff
Enchanted Earth Orb Wand
Enchanted Eternal PainSaw
Enchanted Eternal PainSaws
Enchanted Frozen Claymore
Enchanted Ice Katana
Enchanted Mana Blade
Enchanted Maximillian's Whip
Enchanted Nulgath Nation House
Enchanted Phoenix Blade
Enchanted Platinum Axe of Destiny
Enchanted Red Star Sword
Enchanted Shadow Blade
Enchanted ShadowCore Attack Guitar
Enchanted ShadowCore Guitar
Enchanted ShadowCore Guitar Back
Enchanted ShadowCore Rocker
Enchanted Shadowsong Attack Guitar
Enchanted Shadowsong Guitar
Enchanted Shadowsong Guitar Back
Enchanted Shadowsong Rocker
Enchanted Soul Ripper
Enchanted Talons of Nulgath
Enchanted Victory Blade
Ender's Knight
Enraged Vampire Morph (Merge)
Envy Armor (Merge)
Eremon's Armor
Eternal Dark Caster (Merge)
Eternal Dark Caster Runes (Merge)
Eternal Dark Caster Winged Rune
Eternal Dark Caster Wings
Eternal Dark Caster X Hood (Merge)
Eternal Dark Caster X Locks (Merge)
Eternal Dark Caster X (Merge)
Eternal Dark Caster X Spikes
Eternal Infernal Dark Wings (Merge)
Evil Banner I
Evil Banner II
Evil Legion Helm
Evolved Blood Orb
Evolved Hex Orb
Evolved Leprechaun (Merge)
Evolved Pumpkin Lord (Legend)
Evolved Shadow Orb
Evolved Soul Mender
Exalted DOOMFire Blade
Exalted Harbinger
Exalted Legion Champion (Armor)
Exalted Soul Cleaver
Eye of Winter Hair
Eye of Winter Mask
Fairy Tail Wanderer
Falcontower House
Femme Blazing Naval Top Hat
Femme Blazing Naval Top Hat Locks (Seasonal)
Festive DoomKnight
Festive DoomKnight Cape
Fiend Minion
Fiend Minion Fur
Fiend Minion Horns
Fiend Minion Staff
Fiend Warrior
Fiend Warrior Horns
Fiend Warrior Mask
Fiend Warrior Mask + Hair
Fiend Warrior Mask + Locks
Fiend Warrior Orbs
Fiend Warrior Tail
Fiend Warrior Tail + Fur
Fists of Fierceness
Flail and Shield of Cerberus
Flame Dragon Armor
Flame Dragon Cape (2)
Flame Dragon Helm
Flame Dragon Polearm (2)
FlameDragon Knight
FlameDragon Knight's Blade
FlameDragon Knight's Helm
Flaming DOOMFire Blade
Flaming Legion Helm
Flaming Moose Katana
Flaming Moose Scythe
Flesh Ripper
Flesh Ripper Backblades
Flesh Ripper Blade
Flesh Ripper Cape
Flesh Ripper Mask
Floating Fire Orb Replica
Fluid Chaos's Sword
Force Guardian
Force Guardian Daggers
Force Guardian Hair
Force Guardian Hair Beard
Force Guardian Helm
Force Guardian Light Blade
Force Guardian Light Staff
Force Guardian Locks
Force Guardian Staff Cape
Formal Sanguine Shield
Freak on a Leash (Armor)
Freak on a Leash Hands
Freak on a Leash Hands Cape
Freak on a Leash Morph
Frost Sparkle Cape
Frosted Crystal Cape
Frozen Fire Blade
Frozen Fire Dagger
Frozen Fire Spear
Frozen Fire Staff
Frozen Force of Fury
Frozen Furred Guard Helm
Frozen Fury
Frozen Fury Guard Helm
Frozen Legionnaire's Blade
Furious Frozen Mask
Furled Underworld Wings
Furred Cape of the Light
Galactic Star Daggers
Galactic Star Polearm
Galactic Star Scythe
Galactic Star Staff
Galactic Starsword Backblades
Gargantuan Golem
Gargantuan Golem Morph
General of Cerberus
Ghostly Pumpkin Spirit
Giefury BattlePet
Gilded Heartbreaker Blade
Gilded Heartbreaker Daggers
Gilded Heartbreaker Mace
Gilded Heartbreaker Wand
Glacial Berserker (Armor) (AC)
Glowing Guardian Statue
Goggle-less Bearded Chronolord Top Hat (Legend)
Goggle-less ChronoLady Top Hat (Legend)
Goggle-less ChronoLord Top Hat (Legend)
Gold Parade Helm
Golden DeathKnight Helm
Golden DeathKnight Lord
Golden DeathKnight's Blade
Golden Explorer Pistol
Golden Scimitar
Golden Star Daggers
Golden Star Polearm
Golden Star Scythe
Golden Star Staff
Golden Starsword Backblades
Good Banner I
Good Banner II
GrandPapa the Golden Sneevil Morph (2)
Great Golden Explorer Pistol
Greater Necrotic Flame's Fang
Greater Shadowflame Fang
Green Dragon Armor (AC) (2)
Green Dragon Cape
Green Dragon Helm (AC) (2)
Green Dragon Polearm
Green War Guitar
Guardian Blade of Awe
Guardian Statue
Guardian's Prime Blade of Awe
Hachiko Hotel (House)
Hair Of Viltusial
Halberd of Justice
Happy House of DOOM
Hazmat Suit
Hazmat Suit Helm
Heavy Metal Floor Speaker (L)
Heavy Metal Floor Speaker (R)
Helm Of Abezeth
Helm of Awe
Helm Of Viltusial
Helm Of Viltusial + Locks
High Crusader
High Crusader Light Blade
High Crusader Locks
High Crusader Morph
High Priestess of Monsters
Holiday Legion Skull
Hollowborn Banner I
Hollowborn Banner II
Hood Of Abezeth
Hood Of Cerberus
Hood of Judgement
Hood of the Northlands Monk (Merge)
Hood Of The Rainbow Unicorn
Hood of the Scholars
Horc Banner I
Horc Banner II
Horn Flesh Ripper Mask

List of all Quest Rewards

Gilded Fallen Angel Wings
Gilded Frostedge Blade
Gilded Inquisitor's Female Morph
Gilded Inquisitor's Male Morph
Glaceran Goblin Sword
Godly Golden Dragon Axe
Gold Corsair Cutlass
Gold Dragon Chest (House Item)
Gold Infinity Knight
Gold Infinity Knight Helm
Gold Infinity Knight Wings
Gold Infinity Pike
Gold M4tr1x of ShadowFall (AC)
Gold M4tr1x of Swordhaven (0 AC)
Gold Trobbolier Pet
Golden Blade of Fate (Sword)
Golden Clover Cleaver (Mace)
Golden Clover Cleavers
Golden Commander's Back Cutlass
Golden Commander's Bandana
Golden Commander's Cutlass
Golden Commander's Rapier
Golden Commander's Reavers
Golden Dragon Spear
Golden Guardian
Golden Inquisitor of ShadowFall
Golden Inquisitor's Back Blade
Golden Inquisitor's Back Blade + Wrap
Golden Inquisitor's Blade
Golden Inquisitor's Crested Helm
Golden Inquisitor's Hair
Golden Inquisitor's Helm
Golden Inquisitor's Locks
Golden Inquisitor's Spear
Golden Inquisitor's Wrap
Golden Mug
Golden Mugs
Golden Naval Commander Hook
Golden Spirit Rod
Golden Ugly Stick
Gong Ji Zhanshi
Gong Ji Zhanshi Fan
Gong Ji Zhanshi Fans
Gong Ji Zhanshi Helm
Gong Ji Zhanshi Katana
Gong Ji Zhanshi Katanas
Gong Ji Zhanshi Side Blades
GrandMaster Back Blade
GrandMaster Enchanted Axe
GrandMaster Enchanted Blade
GrandMaster Enchanted Bow
GrandMaster Enchanted Katana
GrandMaster Enchanted Spear
GrandMaster Enchanted Sword
GrandMaster Glowing Helm
GrandMaster Glowing Plume
GrandMaster Helm
GrandMaster Hip Blade
GrandMaster Hip Katana
GrandMaster Plume
Greater Twilight Blade
Green Dragon Chest (House Item)
Green M4tr1x of ShadowFall (0 AC)
Green M4tr1x of Swordhaven (AC)
Green Swirly Candy Stick
Green Trobbolier Pet
Greenguard Knight
Greenguard Knight Blade
Greenguard Knight Sheathed Blades
Grim Necromancer (Class)
Grimblood Guard Cape
Grimblood Guard Helm
GrimDark Backblade
GrimDark Blade
GrimDark Helm
GrimDark Scythe
Grislyfang Pirate's Tools
Grotesque Bow
Guardian Crystal Phoenix Blade of Nulgath
Guardian of Spirits' Blade
Guncraft Commander's Flintlock
Guncraft Commander's Hair
Guncraft Commander's Locks
Happy Crab Conga
Helm of Brutal Annihilation
Helm of the Dazed
Helm of the Grid
Helm of the Highlord
Helm of the Lost (2)
Helm of the Mischief
Helm of the Wary
Helm of Wisdom
High Lord of Order Helm (Quest)
Highland Savage
Highland Savage Armet
Highlord's Void Wrap
HighSeas Commander
Holiday ArchPaladin
Holiday Archpaladin Cape
Hollowborn Oblivion Blade
Hood of Illusion
Horc Slime Dumper
Horned Helm of Honor
Horned Void War Helm
Howl at the Frost
Howl at the Moon
Hunter Helm of Dark
Hunter Helm of Light
Hyper Suit of Dark
Hyper Suit of Light
Ice Claw (Armor)
Immortal Dark Caster (Class) (0 AC)
In-Djinn-ious Blade +3
Infernal Caladbolg Daggers (2)
Infernal Flame Eater Hood
Infernal Flame Guardian
Infernal Flame Wings (AC)
Infernal FlameEater Morph
Infernal Guardian Hood
Infernal Warlord's Hair
Infernal Warlord's Hood
Infernal Warlord's Horns
Infernal Warlord's Horns + Hood
Infernal Warlord's Polearm
Infernal Warlord's Shadow Claws
Infinite Dark Caster (0 AC)
Infinity Titan Base
Infinity Titan BattlePet
Infinity Titan Gauntlet (House Item)
Jin Gong Ji
Jin Gong Ji Banners Cape
Jin Gong Ji Fan
Jin Gong Ji Fans
Jin Gong Ji Locks
Jin Gong Ji Mask
Judgement Hammer
Judgement Scythe
Juliet's Mask
Kaiju Cannoneer (Armor)
Kaiju Slayer Daggers
Kaiju Slayer Spear
Kaiju Slayer Staff
Kaiju Slayer Sword
Kamaitachi Mace
Kat Burglar
Kat Burglar Helm
Katana of Flames
Kawaii Cut
Key to Your Heart Blade
Kind of Brave
Kind of Brave Hair
King and Queen of Hearts
King's Crown
Kitsune Kitsune Katana +3
Knight of Light
Knight of Light's Cape
Knight of Light's Hood
Knight of Light's Sword + Shield
Knight of the Grid
L'amour Scythe
Lance Of Hearts
Lance of Time
Legacy Of Valoroth
Legendary Golden Death Blade
Legion Nightmare
Legion Nightmare Helm
Legion Overfiend Blade
Legion Paragon Dome
Legion Pirate Lieutenant
Legion Pirate's Back Cutlass
Legion Pirate's Cutlass
Legion Pirate's Pistol
Legion Pirate's Tricorn
Legion Pirate's Tricorn + Locks
Legion Pirate's Tricorn Morph
Legion Pirate's Tricorn Morph Locks
Legion Revenant (Class)
Legion Runes
Legion Sigil Staff Pet
Legion Skull Cave (0 AC)
Legion SwordMaster Assassin
Legion Token Pile
Lesser Caladbolg
Light of the Serpent
LightCaster (Class)
Lightovian Lycan Castle (AC)
Lion's Fang Blade +3
Living BladeMaster
Locks of the DoomLord
Long Cute Santa's Hat
Lord Of Order Armor (Quest)
Lord of Order Blade (Quest)
Lord of Order Bladed Wrap (Quest)
Lord of Order Double Wings + Wrap (Quest)
Lord of Order Helm (Quest)
Lord Of Order Horns (Quest)
Lord of Order Polearm (Quest)
Lord Of Order (Quest)
Lord of Order Wings + Wrap (Quest)
Lord of Order Wings (Quest)
Lord of Order Wrap (Quest)
Lost Blade of Thagnul
Lost Knight Minion
Lotus Armor
Lotus Helm
Lova Bear
Lover's Gown
Loyal Legion BackBlade
Loyal Legion Blade Pet
Lucky 2k17
Lucky 2k17 Beard
Lucky 2k17 Locks
Lucky Day Staff
Lucky Jester Mime
Lucky Jester Mime Locks Morph
Lucky Jester Mime Morph
Lucky Rune Cape
Lunar Wolf
Lycan Shaman (Armor)
Lycan Shaman Helm
Lycan Shaman Staff
Lycan Shaman's Familiar
Makai Bloodletter
Mammoth Ender
Mana Crystals
Manabound Blade
Manabranch Staff +3
Manashaper Mage
ManaShaper's Blade
ManaShaper's Familiar Hood
Manashaper's Familiar Wings
ManaShaper's Hood
ManaShaper's Staff
ManaShaper's Sword & Staff
Manticore Cub Pet
Mantle of Hearts
Mask of Thanatos
Mazumi (Armor)
Mazumi's Backblades
Mazumi's Locks
Mecha Kaiju Slayer Daggers
Mecha Kaiju Slayer Spear
Mecha Kaiju Slayer Staff
Mecha Kaiju Slayer Sword
Mecha OMGZilla Spiked Tail
Mecha OMGZilla Tail

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