List of all Items With a Damage Buff

Damage to Chaos

Damage to Dragons

Damage to Elementals

Damage to Humans

Damage to all Monsters

Almost Visible Ninja
ArchFiend DoomLord
Archfiend Spear
Avatar Of Death's Scythe
Black Dragon Scimitar (0 AC)
Black Dragonborn Naval Commander (0 AC)
Black Dragon's Accoutrements (0 AC)
Black Dragon's Blaster (0 AC)
Black Dragon's Parrot Cape (0 AC)
Black Dragon's Parrot Pet (AC)
Black Dragon's Pirate Tail (0 AC)
Black Dragon's Tricorn (0 AC)
Black Dragon's Tricorn + Locks (0 AC)
Black Dragon's Wings (0 AC)
Blade of Adulation
Blade of Fealty
Blade of Glorious Destiny
Blade of Glorious Victory
Blade of Honor
Bladed Cape of Glorious Destiny
Bladed Cape of Honor
Blessing of Chadough (Dagger)
Blessing of Chadough (Sword)
Blue Dragon Scimitar (0 AC)
Blue Dragonborn Naval Commander (0 AC)
Blue Dragon's Accoutrements (0 AC)
Blue Dragon's Blaster (0 AC)
Blue Dragon's Parrot Cape (0 AC)
Blue Dragon's Parrot Pet (AC)
Blue Dragon's Pirate Tail (0 AC)
Blue Dragon's Tricorn (0 AC)
Blue Dragon's Tricorn + Locks (0 AC)
Blue Dragon's Wings (0 AC)
Brown Dragon Scimitar (0 AC)
Brown Dragonborn Naval Commander (0 AC)
Brown Dragon's Accoutrements (0 AC)
Brown Dragon's Blaster (0 AC)
Brown Dragon's Parrot Cape (0 AC)
Brown Dragon's Parrot Pet (AC)
Brown Dragon's Pirate Tail (0 AC)
Brown Dragon's Tricorn (0 AC)
Brown Dragon's Tricorn + Locks (0 AC)
Brown Dragon's Wings (0 AC)
Brutalhead +3 (AC)
Brutalhead +3 (Legend)
Burning Blade (2)
Burning Blade Of Abezeth
Crystal Dragon Scimitar (0 AC)
Crystal Dragonborn Naval Commander (0 AC)
Crystal Dragon's Accoutrements (0 AC)
Crystal Dragon's Blaster (0 AC)
Crystal Dragon's Parrot Cape (0 AC)
Crystal Dragon's Parrot Pet (AC)
Crystal Dragon's Pirate Tail (0 AC)
Crystal Dragon's Tricorn (0 AC)
Crystal Dragon's Tricorn Locks (0 AC)
Crystal Dragon's Wings (0 AC)
Curse of Teiboku
Cybercharged Blade Of Awe +3
Doomblade of Destruction
DoomLord's War Mask
Dual Burning Blades Of Abezeth
Dual Necrotic Swords of Doom
Dual Star Slasher
Enchanted Abaddon's Terror
Enchanted Arcana's Disciple
Enchanted Big 100K
Enchanted Bloodriver
Enchanted Maximillian's Whip
Enchanted Phoenix Blade
Enchanted Platinum Axe of Destiny
Enchanted Red Star Sword
Enchanted Soul Ripper
Enchanted Talons of Nulgath
Gold Dragon Scimitar (0 AC)
Gold Dragonborn Naval Commander (0 AC)
Gold Dragon's Accoutrements (0 AC)
Gold Dragon's Blaster (0 AC)
Gold Dragon's Parrot Cape (0 AC)
Gold Dragon's Parrot Pet (AC)
Gold Dragon's Pirate Tail (0 AC)
Gold Dragon's Tricorn (0 AC)
Gold Dragon's Tricorn + Locks (0 AC)
Gold Dragon's Wings (0 AC)
Green Dragon Scimitar (0 AC)
Green Dragonborn Naval Commander (0 AC)
Green Dragon's Accoutrements (0 AC)
Green Dragon's Blaster (0 AC)
Green Dragon's Parrot Cape (0 AC)
Green Dragon's Parrot Pet (AC)
Green Dragon's Pirate Tail (0 AC)
Green Dragon's Tricorn (0 AC)
Green Dragon's Tricorn + Locks (0 AC)
Green Dragon's Wings (0 AC)
Guardian of Spirits' Blade
Hollowborn Oblivion Blade
Invisible Ninja +5
Lance of Time
Less Than You Need
Locks of the DoomLord
Mortal Fiend Staff
Necrotic Sword of Doom (Sword)
Nightlocke Blade (Sword)
Nightlocke War Axe
Nightlocke War Staff
Orange Dragon Scimitar (0 AC)
Orange Dragonborn Naval Commander (0 AC)
Orange Dragon's Accoutrements (0 AC)
Orange Dragon's Blaster (0 AC)
Orange Dragon's Parrot Cape (0 AC)
Orange Dragon's Parrot Pet (AC)
Orange Dragon's Pirate Tail (0 AC)
Orange Dragon's Tricorn (0 AC)
Orange Dragon's Tricorn + Locks (0 AC)
Orange Dragon's Wings (0 AC)
Purple Dragon Scimitar (0 AC)
Purple Dragonborn Naval Commander (0 AC)
Purple Dragon's Accoutrements (0 AC)
Purple Dragon's Blaster (0 AC)
Purple Dragon's Parrot Cape (0 AC)
Purple Dragon's Parrot Pet (AC)
Purple Dragon's Pirate Tail (0 AC)
Purple Dragon's Tricorn (0 AC)
Purple Dragon's Tricorn Locks (0 AC)
Purple Dragon's Wings (0 AC)
Red Dragon Scimitar (0 AC)
Red Dragonborn Naval Commander (0 AC)
Red Dragon's Accoutrements (0 AC)
Red Dragon's Blaster (0 AC)
Red Dragon's Parrot Cape (0 AC)
Red Dragon's Parrot Pet (AC)
Red Dragon's Pirate Tail (0 AC)
Red Dragon's Tricorn (0 AC)
Red Dragon's Tricorn + Locks (0 AC)
Red Dragon's Wings (0 AC)
Sakura Dragon Scimitar (0 AC)
Sakura Dragonborn Naval Commander (0 AC)
Sakura Dragon's Accoutrements (0 AC)
Sakura Dragon's Blaster (0 AC)
Sakura Dragon's Parrot Cape (0 AC)
Sakura Dragon's Parrot Pet (AC)
Sakura Dragon's Pirate Tail (0 AC)
Sakura Dragon's Tricorn (0 AC)
Sakura Dragon's Tricorn + Locks (0 AC)
Sakura Dragon's Wings (0 AC)
Shadow Dragon Scimitar (0 AC)
Shadow Dragonborn Naval Commander (0 AC)
Shadow Dragon's Accoutrements (0 AC)
Shadow Dragon's Blaster (0 AC)
Shadow Dragon's Parrot Cape (0 AC)
Shadow Dragon's Parrot Pet (AC)
Shadow Dragon's Pirate Tail (0 AC)
Shadow Dragon's Tricorn (0 AC)
Shadow Dragon's Tricorn + Locks (0 AC)
Shadow Dragon's Wings (1) (0 AC)
ShadowFiend Cloak
ShadowScythe General (Armor) (AC)
Shadowscythe General Axe (AC)
Shadowscythe General Cape (AC)
Shadowscythe General Helm (AC)
Shadowscythe General Sinister Helm (AC)
Supercharged CyberVoid Dagger +5
Supercharged CyberVoid Sword +5
White Dragon Scimitar (0 AC)
White Dragonborn Naval Commander (0 AC)
White Dragon's Accoutrements (0 AC)
White Dragon's Blaster (0 AC)
White Dragon's Parrot Cape (0 AC)
White Dragon's Parrot Pet (AC)
White Dragon's Pirate Tail (0 AC)
White Dragon's Tricorn (0 AC)
White Dragon's Tricorn + Locks (0 AC)
White Dragon's Wings (0 AC)

Damage to Undead

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