List of all Human Monsters

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Auto updating list of all Human Monsters

Abyssal Guard
Ada (Monster) (2)
Alteon (1)
Amia the Cult Leader
Aranx (Monster)
Bandit (Monster)
Bellhop Human
Blacksea Pirate Mage
Blazebeard (Monster)
Blazebinder (2)
Blood Moon Hooligan
Blood Titan (Monster)
Bright Shinobi
Brightscythe Reaver
Brightscythe Warrior
Butcher Zombie
Charmed Cultist (1)
Charmed Cultist (2)
Citadel Crusader
Colorless Drone (1)
Colorless Drone (2)
Commander Yulgar
Corporate Shill
Corrupted Sushi Chef
Crazed Fan
Dark Knight
Death Alive
Devoted Admirer (1)
Devoted Admirer (2)
Dragon Hunter (Monster)
Dragonlord (Monster)
Duncan (Monster)
EbilCorp Ninja
Ebon Dungeon Guard
Elephant Trainer
Elite Dungeon Guard
Envy (Monster)
Evil ArchMage Brentan
Evil Hotel Manager
Fallen Hero
Fallen Knight
Farmer Zombie
Femme Cult Worshiper
Fire Dancer (Monster)
Fire Pikeman
Firestorm Knight (Monster) (1)
Firestorm Knight (Monster) (2)
Firestorm Major
First Mate Bloodbone
Flame Soldier
Forlorn Love
Frost General
Frost Invader
Frost Reaper
General Goldhammer
Goredon Rampage (Monster)
Greenguard Bandit
Guardian Baxter
Guardian Bolton
Guardian Garen
Guardian Knight
Guardian Selby
Hattori (Monster)
Hero (You)
Hollowborn Tamer (Monster)
Hopeless Romantic
Hypnotized Shopper (1)
Hypnotized Shopper (2)
Hypnotized Shopper (3)
Infected Scientist
Infernal Knight (Monster) (1)
Infernal Knight (Monster) (2)
Iron Hero
Island Girl
J6 (Monster)
Kaiju Cannoneer (Monster)
Kaiju Corsair
Karok the Fallen (1)
King Alteon (Monster)
Lady Knight
Legion Augur
Legion Sentinel
Lightguard Caster
Lightguard Paladin
Lunar Villager
Meat Zombie
Mega Tyndarius
Monstrous Refugee
Music Pirate
Mystraven Student
Nervous Serf
Nightwyvern (Monster)
Omar The Meek
Palace Enforcer
Panicking Villager (1)
Panicking Villager (2)
Pirate Caster
Pirate Crew
Pirate Gunner
Pirate Plunderer
Pirate Queen Teja (Monster)
Princess Tara (Monster)
Princess Thrall
Queen of Envy
Refugee (1)
Runehawk Student
Salvaza (Monster)
Scriptkeeper (Monster)
Seraphic Commander (Monster)
Seraphic Recruit
Seraphic Soldier
Shadow Safiria
Shadowflame Yulgar
Shady Passenger
Ship's Mechanic
Sigrid Sunshield
Silver Knight
Sir Knight
Solar Phoenix
Sparkle Guard
Spiced Villager
Starving Paladin Commander
Storm Scout
Supercharged Laken
Swordhaven Highlord
Swordhaven Knight
Technocaster Rogue
The Queen's Gift
Tiger Cavalry
Timestream Rider (2)
Tower Guardian (Monster)
Train Porter
Traitor Knight
Traitor Lieutenant
Ultra Alteon (Monster) (2)
Ultra Tyndarius
Virtuous Warrior
Void Mercenary
Wandering Guest
Warlord Icewing (Monster)
Wolfblade Student
Yulgar Regular

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