List of all Elemental Monsters

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Auto updating list of all Elemental Monsters

Aspect of Evil
Aspect of Good
Boiling Elemental
Carnax: Left Arm
Carnax: Right Arm
Chrono-Phoenix (Monster)
Coal Elemental
Crystal of Glacera (Monster)
Dark Djinni
Dark Elemental
Darkness Elemental (2)
Dead-ly Ice Elemental
Divine Fire Elemental
Divine Water Elemental
Dread Earth Elemental
Earth Elemental (1)
Earth Elemental (2)
Earth Elemental (3)
Electrical Fire
Energy Elemental
Errant Spacetime Energy
Evil Elemental
Fire Elemental (Monster) (1)
Fire Elemental (Monster) (2)
Flame Elemental
Flame Elemental (2)
Fotia Elemental
Frost Elemental
Frost Goblin
Frostspawn Horror
Frostspawn Troll
Frozen Fotia Elemental
Frozen Mana
Frozen Minion
Frozen Water
FrozenSoul Queen
Gaiazor (Monster) (1)
Gaiazor (Monster) (2)
Glacial Elemental
Great Solar Elemental
Greater Ice Elemental
Hail Elemental
Ice Elemental (1)
Ice Elemental (2)
Ice Giant (Monster)
Ice Infernal
Ice Spitter
Ice Symbiote (Monster)
Icewing Elite
Icewing General
Icewing Grunt
Icewing Terror
Icewing Warrior
Icy Predator (Monster)
Lesser Dread Elemental
Lesser Rock Elemental
Light Elemental
Light Matter
Living Fire
Living Frost
Mana Elemental
Meat Nubbin
Oil Elemental
Phoenix Fire
Polar Elemental
Portal Manifestation
Pure Fire Elemental
Rock Elemental (1)
Rock Elemental (2)
Scorching Flame
Scurvyfins McKrill
Serepthys (Monster)
Sewage Elemental
Shadowstone Elemental
Shattered Crystal
Shattered Hope
Shattered Mana
Silver Elemental
Snow Golem (Monster) (1)
Snow Leopard Skin Walker
Solar Elemental
Solar Incarnation
Spirit of Ice (Monster)
Star Sapphire
Sun Flare
Tainted Earth
Tainted Elemental
Tiny Manifestation
Unstable Mana
Ursice Savage
Void Elemental (1)
Void Horror
Void Terror
Void Warrior
Water Elemental (1)
Water Elemental (2)
Water Elemental (3)
Will O' The Wisp
Wind Elemental (1)
Wind Elemental (2)
Wolfwood (2)

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