List of all Cutlasses

13th Captain's Cutlass (0 AC)
13th Captain's Cutlass (AC)
13th Commander's Cutlass (0 AC)
13th Commander's Cutlass AC
Abyssal Flame Cutlass (0 AC)
Abyssal Flame Cutlass + Pistol (0 AC)
Abyssal Flame Cutlass + Pistol (AC)
Abyssal Flame Cutlass (AC)
Abyssal Overfiend Cutlass (0 AC)
Abyssal Overfiend Cutlass (AC)
Angler Cutlass
Arachnid Commander's Cutlass (0 AC)
Arachnid Commander's Cutlass (AC)
Arcane Pirate Cutlass
Blazebeard's Cutlass
Blessed + Celestial Cutlasses (0 AC)
Blessed + Celestial Cutlasses (AC)
Blessed Naval Cutlass (0 AC)
Blessed Naval Cutlass (AC)
Bloodsea Captain's Cutlass
Celestial Naval Cutlass (0 AC)
Celestial Naval Cutlass (AC)
Corrupt Guardian's Cutlass
Corrupt Katana and Cutlass
Crimson Captain's Blade Pet
Crimson Captain's Cutlass (0 AC)
Crimson Captain's Cutlass (AC)
Crimson Captain's Cutlass Pet
Crimson Naval Scimitar (0 AC)
Crimson Naval Scimitar (AC)
Cursed Blooded Blade
Cutlass Calais
Cutlass Cannon
Dage's Pride Blade
Dage's Pride Blade and Pistol
Dark Corsair Cutlass
Dark Pirate Caster's Cutlass (0 AC)
Dark Pirate Caster's Cutlass + Pistol (0 AC)
Dark Pirate Caster's Cutlass (AC)
Dark Pirate Caster's Cutlass Pistol (AC)
DeckMaster's Scimitar
Dravir Captain's Cutlass
Dread Captain's Cutlass Cape (Rare)
Dread Captain's Cutlass Cape (Seasonal)
Dread Captain's Cutlass Pet (Rare)
Dread Captain's Cutlass Pet (Seasonal)
Dread Captain's Cutlass (Rare)
Dread Captain's Cutlass (Seasonal)
Dual Arcane Pirate Cutlasses
Dual Blessed Cutlasses (0 AC)
Dual Blessed Cutlasses (AC)
Dual Bloodsea Cutlasses
Dual Celestial Cutlasses (0 AC)
Dual Celestial Cutlasses (AC)
Dual Forgotten Cutlasses
Dual Gilded Cutlasses
Dual Haunted Ghostly Cutlasses (0 AC)
Dual Haunted Ghostly Cutlasses (AC)
Dual Overfiend Cutlasses
Dual Raider's Cutlasses
Dual Sea King's Cutlass (0 AC)
Dual Sea King's Cutlass (AC)
Dual Shipwrecked Captain's Cutlasses (0 AC)
Dual Shipwrecked Captain's Cutlasses (AC)
Dual Stable Ghostly Cutlasses (0 AC)
Dual Stable Ghostly Cutlasses (AC)
Dual xXGothicXx Cutlasses (0 AC)
Dual xXGothicXx Cutlasses (AC)
Forgotten Cutlass
Gold Corsair Cutlass
Golden Commander's Cutlass
Golden Sandsky Cutlass
Guardian's Blade of Light
Haunted Ghostly Cutlass (0 AC)
Haunted Ghostly Cutlass (AC)
Infernal Cutlass
Kalestri Cutlass
Legion Pirate's Cutlass
Obsidian Paladin Sword + Pistol
Omega Pirate's Cutlass
Ornate Skypirate Cutlass
Pie-rate Birthday Cutlass +5 2014
Pie-rate Cutlass
Pirate Mage Cutlass
Pirate Mage Flintlock and Cutlass
Pirate Ninja Cutlass
Powered Golden Commander's Cutlass (0 AC)
Powered Golden Commander's Cutlass (AC)
Pyroclastic Cutlass (0 AC)
Pyroclastic Cutlass + Pistol (0 AC)
Pyroclastic Cutlass + Pistol (AC)
Pyroclastic Cutlass (AC)
Rhubarb's Cutlass Cannon
Sea King's Cutlass (0 AC)
Sea King's Cutlass (AC)
Shipwrecked Captain's Cutlass (0 AC)
Shipwrecked Captain's Cutlass (AC)
Shrade's Chainsaw Cutlass (AC)
Silver Corsair Cutlass
Skullcrasher Cutlass
Stable Ghostly Cutlass (0 AC)
Stable Ghostly Cutlass (AC)
Undead Pirate's Cutlass
Vampire Commander's Black Cutlass
Vampire Commander's Malevolent Cutlass (0 AC)
Vampire Commander's Malevolent Cutlass (AC)
Void Pirate's Cutlass
VoidPirate Captain Armaments
VoidPirate Captain Cutlass
Voltaire's Rapier
xXGothicXx Cutlass (0 AC)
xXGothicXx Cutlass (AC)

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