List of all Color Custom Capes

10 Floating Pixels Cape
13th Pirate Captain's Specter (0 AC)
13th Pirate Captain's Specter (AC)
2-Striped Prismatic Beach Towel
3-Striped Prismatic Beach Towel
4-Striped Prismatic Beach Towel
5-Striped Prismatic Beach Towel
Akiban Backblades
Akiban Samurai's Shadow
Akiban Sheathed Blades
Ambitious Necro Lantern on your back
Apocalyptic Werepyre Wings
Aquamer Cutlass Cape
Arch Broodfiend Carapace
Arch Broodfiend Wings
Archfiend Cloak of Nulgath
ArchFiend Overlord Tail (AC)
ArchFiend Overlord Tail (Special)
ArchFiend Overlord Wings (AC)
ArchFiend Overlord Wings (Special)
Archfiend Warlord Wings
Archfiend Warlord Wings + Tail
ArchFiend Wings of Nulgath
ArchFiend Wings of Nulgath +5
Arctic Dragonslayer Cloak
Ardent Demon Cape
Arena Rockstar Back Guitar
Aristocratic Cloak
Ascended Bloodletter Backblades (0 AC)
Ascended Bloodletter Backblades (AC)
Ascended Champion Backblades (0 AC)
Ascended Champion Backblades (AC)
Ascended Death Caster Wings (0 AC)
Ascended Death Caster Wings (AC)
Ascended Oblivion Backblades (0 AC)
Ascended Oblivion Backblades (AC)
Ascended Overfiend Backblades (0 AC)
Ascended Overfiend Backblades (AC)
Ascended Overfiend Backblades (Merge)
Ascended VoidCaster Cape (0 AC)
Ascended VoidCaster Cape (AC)
Astral Runes
Audioroid Sound Waves
Audioroid SoundWaves (AC)
Audioroid SoundWaves (Legend)
Auspicious Arch-Mammona Familiar (0 AC)
Auspicious Arch-Mammona Familiar (AC)
Avatar of Death Cape
Backblades of Assassins
Backbreaker Blade (AC)
Backbreaker Blade (Legend)
Battle Mage's Cape
Battle Oracle Wings
BattleCon Arena Backflag
Beams of Celerita Wings
Birthday Lil' Tendou on your back
Bladed Braid
Bladed Cape of Honor
BladeMaster Shuriken Cape (AC)
BladeMaster Shuriken Cape (Legend)
BladeMaster's Side Swords
Blessed Golden Cloak
Blessed Knight Wings
Blessed Titanium Cloak
BrightFall General's Battle Gear (AC)
Brightfall General's Wrap (AC)
Brightfall General's Wrap (Non-AC)
Bronze Draconian Wings
Burning Wings Of Abezeth
Butcher Backblades of Nulgath
Call of Hope
Cape of Darkness
Cape of Giants
Cape of the Infinite
Cape of the Slayer
Capuchin Cap'n Cape
Cardinal Cloak
Celestial Champion Wings
Celestial Double Wings
Chakrams Cape
Chromatic X-Terminator Pack
Chromatic X-Terminator Tank
Chromium Void Cape
Chromium Void Chrono Rune Gears
Chromium Void Spikes
Chrono Paladin's Cape
Cloak of Dragonwings
Cloak of Nulgath
Cloak of the Kingdom
Cloak of Vath
Closed Celestial Sandwings
Closed Lunar Sandwings (AC)
Closed Lunar Sandwings (Legend)
Color-Custom Astral Wings
Color-Custom Shield Wings (AC)
Color-Custom Shield Wings (Special)
Colorfull Elegant BrightFall Wings
Contract Wings of Nulgath
Courtly Cape
CryptLord's Accoutrements
Crystallis Arsenal of Kotaro
Crystallis Beach Cape (AC)
Crystallis Beach Cape (Non-AC)
Crystallis Mech Wings
Crystallis Onsen Milk
Crystallis Serpentine Wings
Cunning Fox Tail
Cupid's Feathers (AC)
Cupid's Feathers (Legend)
Cupid's Feathers (Quest)
Cursed Pirate Commander's Flame
Cursed Pirate Commander's Flame Cape
Cursed PirateCommander's Flame
Cursed PirateCommander's Flame Cape
Cyber Assassin Back Katanas
Cyber Guardian Shadow
Cyber Samurai Back Blade
Cyberfiend Cloak
CyberVoid Wings
Daisy on your Back
Dark CryptLord's Accoutrements
Dark Draconian Wings
Dark DragonGuard Wrap
Dark Dragon's Wings
Dark Guard's Winged Wrap
Dark Hand's Cyclone Cape
Dark Infernal Companion (AC)
Dark Infernal Companion (Merge)
Dark Shogun Crossed Katanas
Darker Caster X Cape (0 AC)
Darker Caster X Cape (AC)
Darkness Tendril Wings
Darkon's Debris 6 Back (1)
Darkon's Debris 6 Back (2)
Darkon's Debris 66 Angel Wing
Darkon's Debris 66 Angel Wings
Darkon's Debris 66 Duality Wings
Darkon's Debris 66 Fallen Wing
Darkon's Debris 66 Fallen Wings
Darkon's Debris 8 Back (1)
Darkon's Debris 8 Back (2)
Darkovian Sunshine (0 AC)
Darkovian Sunshine (AC)
DeathLord Cloak of Nulgath
Descended Amadis Wings
Devourer of Souls Cape (0 AC)
Devourer of Souls Cape (AC)
Devourer of Souls Horned Cape (0 AC)
Devourer of Souls Horned Cape (AC)
Diabolical Summoning Circle
Diabolical Tome Cape
Diabolical Witch Cat
Diabolical Witch Cloak + Cat
Diabolical Wyvern Wings
Djinn Summoner Scarf
Doom Celestial Sandwings
Doom Spider Legs
Draconic Oracle Wings
Dragon Phantasm
Dread Captain's Slender Cape (AC)
Dread Captain's Slender Cape (Merge)
Dread Heads of Nulgath
Dread Wings
Druids Fur Cloak
Dual Sheathed Katanas
Duel Swords Paladin Cloak
Dunstalker's Wings
Ebony VoidCaster Backblades (0 AC)
Ecto Dragon Cape
Ecto Flame of Nulgath
Ecto Minions Cape
Enchanted Attendant Cape
Enchanted Celestial Notes
Enchanted Dark Backblades
Enchanted Dark Lion Guardian
Enchanted Dark Samurai's Shadow
Enchanted Dark Sheathed Blades
Enchanted Dragon Aura
Enchanted Dragon Aura XXL
Enchanted DragonMage Wings
Enchanted DragonMage's Guard
Enchanted Dungeon Spirit
Enchanted Eldritch BackBow
Enchanted Eldritch BackBow + Ribbons
Enchanted Empress Cape (0 AC)
Enchanted Empress Cape (AC)
Enchanted Kitsune Rune Circle (0 AC)
Enchanted Kitsune Rune Circle (AC)
Enchanted Lion Guardian
Enchanted Ratnegade Blades
Enchanted Ratnegade Cape
Enchanted Ratnegade Scarf
Enchanted Riftwalker Wings
Enchanted Rogue’s Back Quiver
Enchanted Rogue’s Hip Quiver
Enchanted Servant
Enchanted ShadowCore Guitar Back
Enchanted Shadowsong Guitar Back
Enchanted Spellsword's Hip Blade
Enchanted Spellsword's Sheathed Blade
Enchanted Timeseeker's Horologia
Enchanted Timeseeker's Spirit Cape
Enchanted Umbrella On Your Back
Enchanted Vampire Lord Cape
Enchanted Void Aura Cape
Enchanted Void Awakening Skulls (AC)
Enchanted Void Awakening Skulls (Special)
Enchanted Void Cape
Enchanted Void Dragon Cape
Eternal BeastMaster Quiver
Eternal Doomlight Cloak (0 AC)
Eternal Doomlight Cloak (AC)
Eternal Juggernaut Cloak
Eternal Juggernaut Long Cloak
Ethereal Azure Sky Cape
Evil Pixel Cape
Fairy Tail
Faust Wings
Fenrir Wings and Cape
Fenrir Wrap
Fiend Cloak of Nulgath
Fiend Minion Fur
Fiend Warrior Orbs
Fiend Warrior Tail
Fiend Warrior Tail + Fur
Fiendish DoomKnight Cloak (AC)
Fiendish DoomKnight Cloak (Non-AC)
Fiendish DoomKnight Spiked Cloak (0 AC)
Fiendish DoomKnight Spiked Cloak (AC)
Fiendish DoomKnight's Tail (AC)
Fiendish DoomKnight's Tail (Non-AC)
Fiery Halo of Nulgath
Fish Tail (2)
Flaming Bone Web Cape
Flared Jolly Prismatic Cape + Blades (0 AC)
Flared Jolly Prismatic Cape + Blades (AC)
Flared Jolly Prismatic Furred Cape (AC)
Flared Jolly Prismatic Furred Cape (Non-AC)
Fluffy Cat Tail
Force Guardian Back Staves
Force Guardian Staff + Cape
Formal Royal Wings
Fright or Flight
FrostEdge Fae Wings (0 AC)
FrostEdge Fae Wings (AC)
Frostval Cutie Bank Cape (0 AC)
Frostval Cutie Bank Cape (AC)
Furled Fury Wings
Fury Fiend's Crossed Blades (AC)

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