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1st Head Of Orochi
2nd Head of Orochi
3rd Head Of Orochi
4th Head Of Orochi
5th Head of Orochi
6th Head of Orochi
7th Head of Orochi (Monster)
Alliance Knight
Alliance Soldier (1)
Alliance Soldier (2)
Alliance Soldier (3)
Alteon (2)
Amazonian Princess
Archfiend DragonKnight (Monster)
ArchFiend DragonLord (Monster)
Bandit Drakath
Brilliant Insanity
Camouflaged Sp-Eye
Cellar Spider
Chaonslaught Caster
Chaonslaught Cavalry
Chaonslaught Warrior (Monster)
Chaorrupted Armor
Chaorrupted Bear
Chaorrupted Evil Lieutenant
Chaorrupted Evil Soldier
Chaorrupted Good Lieutenant
Chaorrupted Good Soldier
Chaorrupted Guardian
Chaorrupted Healer
Chaorrupted Imp
Chaorrupted Invader
Chaorrupted Knight
Chaorrupted Mage
Chaorrupted Moglin
Chaorrupted Orb
Chaorrupted Polar Bear
Chaorrupted Poultrygeist (Monster)
Chaorrupted Prisoner (1)
Chaorrupted Prisoner (2)
Chaorrupted Robber
Chaorrupted Rogue
Chaorrupted Sky Pirate
Chaorrupted SkyGeneral
Chaorrupted SkyGuard
Chaorrupted Stalker
Chaorrupted Vulture
Chaorrupted Warrior
Chaorrupted Water Dragon
Chaorrupted Wolf
Chaorrupted Xan
Chaos Alina
Chaos Angler
Chaos Artix
Chaos Bandit (1)
Chaos Beleen
Chaos Burrower
Chaos Commander
Chaos Crystal
Chaos Cysero
Chaos Draconian
Chaos Dragon (1)
Chaos Drifter
Chaos Drow
Chaos Egg (Monster)
Chaos Fluffy
Chaos Gemrald
Chaos General
Chaos Goat
Chaos Gorillaphant
Chaos Harpy
Chaos Healer (Monster)
Chaos Horc Spirit
Chaos Invader (1)
Chaos Invader (2)
Chaos Invader (3)
Chaos Justicar
Chaos Knight (1)
Chaos Knight (2)
Chaos Kraken (Monster)
Chaos Lord Alteon (Monster)
Chaos Lord Discordia (Monster)
Chaos Lord Iadoa (1)
Chaos Lord Iadoa (2)
Chaos Lord Lionfang (1)
Chaos Lord Lionfang (2)
Chaos Lord Xang
Chaos Lord Xiang
Chaos Lord Xing
Chaos Lycan
Chaos Mage (Monster)
Chaos Queen Beleen (Monster)
Chaos Rat
Chaos Rhino Beetle
Chaos Roe
Chaos Shadowscythe
Chaos Skylord
Chaos Skywatcher
Chaos Soldier
Chaos Sp-Eye (1)
Chaos Sp-Eye (2)
Chaos Sphinx (Monster)
Chaos Spider (1)
Chaos Spider (2)
Chaos Sprites (Monster)
Chaos Tigriff
Chaos Troll Spirit
Chaos Turtle
Chaos Vampire Knight (Monster)
Chaos Virago
Chaos Vordred
Chaos Warlord
Chaos Warrior (Monster) (1)
Chaos Warrior (Monster) (2)
Chaos Warrior (Monster) (3)
Chaos Wolf (Monster)
Chaos-Saw Sneevil
ChaosWeaver Cleric (Monster)
Chaotic Chicken (Monster)
Chaotic Chinchilizard
Chaotic Draconian
Chaotic Gorillaphant
Chaotic Horcboar
Chaotic Koalion
Chaotic Lemurphant
Chaotic Merdrac
Chaotic Pirate
Chaotic Rhison
Chaotic Server Hamster
Chaotic Symbiote
Chaotic Troll
Chaotic Virago
Chaotic Vulture
Chicken (Monster)
Cluckmoo Idol
Creek Warrior
Dark Walker
Darkwolf Bandit (Monster)
Dire Muncher
Doge The Bounty Hunter
Doomkitten (Monster) (2)
Dread Drifter
Dread Gorillaphant
Dread Invader
Dread Knight
Dread Warrior
Dreadhaven General (Monster)
Droognax (Monster)
Drow Soldier
Escherion (1)
Escherion (2)
Exos (Monster)
Fallen Emperor Statue
Fallen Light Statue
Fluffy The Dracolich
Flying Fisheye
Forest Guardian
Forgotten Bandit
Fungal Lord
General Cynari
General Tibias
Giant Dungeon Spider
Golden Chaos
Gravelyn the Good (Monster)
Hallowed Wanderer
Hallowed Warrior
Hero (Boss) (1)
Hero (Boss) (3)
Hero (Boss) (4)
Hero (Chaos Lord)
High Chaos Knight
Hulking Dire Wolf
Hydra Head (1)
Hydra Head (2)
Hydra Head 25
Hydra Head 35
Hydra Head 45
Hydra Head 55
Hydra Head 65
Hydra Head 75
Hydra Head 85
Hydra Head 90
Iadoa (Monster)
Imposter Egg
Khasaanda (Monster) (1)
Khasaanda (Monster) (2)
Kimberly (Monster) (1)
Kimberly (Monster) (2)
King of the Night
Kitsune (1)
Kitsune (2)
Ledgermayne (Monster) (1)
Ledgermayne (Monster) (2)
Locked Chest (Monster) (1)
Loyal Heart Wanderer
Mana Blaster
Mana Sprites (Monster)
Memory of Vampires
Naga Baas
Netherpit Bruiser
Netherpit Lackey
O-Dokuro (Monster)
O-Dokuro's Head
Pony Gary Yellow (Monster)
Pyramid Vase
Refugee (2)
Ruin Dweller
Shadow Slayer
Shadow Virago
Shadow Warrior (Monster) (2)
Shadowflame Militia
Shadowflame Scout (Monster)
Sludge Beast
Team A Brawler (CB)
Team A Captain (CB)
Team A Restorer (CB)
Team B Brawler (CB)
Team B Captain (CB)
Team B Restorer (CB)
Tibicenas (Monster) (1)
Tibicenas (Monster) (2)
Tomb Drifter
Toxic Grove Spider
Twisted Paw
Ultra Alteon (Monster) (1)

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