List of all Color Custom Helms & Hoods

Legend Only

Abyssal Hood
Alpha Lycan Morph
Anime Goggle
Assassin's Skullface Cover
Avenger Hood
Aviator Scarf and Goggles
Baroness Hair Style
Bearded Armet of the Afterlife
Bearded Golden Warcaller
Black Knight Overlord
Cat Ear Headband
Cat Morph
Cavern Terror
Cerulean Dragonpriest's Locks
Corinthian Helmet
Cowl of Dissonance
Cowl of Malicious Intent
Cowl of the Shinobi
Cyclops Morph
Dark Hunger
Dark Slayer
Deadly Jester Mask (Legend)
Discordia Chaos Mask
Dragarian Hair
Dragon's Envy Helm
Drow Mask Morph
Easy-Breezy Goggle Girl
Edvard's Shiny Face (CC)
Elemental Walker's Flame
Eli's Female Doom Trucker Hat
Eli's Male Doom Trucker Hat
Escherion's Helm
Feathered Werejaguar Morph Colored
Feline Werejaguar Colored Morph
Female Darkblood Incarnate
Feminine Helm of Glory
Frisky Feline Hair
Girly Anime Goggles
Guardian of Destiny
Helm of Destruction
Helm of Thunderous Applause
Helm of Ultimate Victory
High Templar's Hood
Hood of Darkness
Hood of Nulgath
Hood of the Kingdom
Imp Horns
Inbunche's Maquillage
Magical Nymph Wig
Male Darkblood Incarnate
Masculine Helm of Glory
Mask of Balance
MP Hat
Mushroom Head (Mem)
Mysterious Hood
Plum Nymph Wig
Prismatic Female Darkblood Horns
Prismatic Male Darkblood Horns
Prismatic Moon's Hair'do (Legend)
Prismatic Necromancer Hood
Ranger Hat
Renegade Mask
Repulsive Hockey Mask
Rose Crown
Royal Fang Helm
Sage Eyewrap
Shadow Dancer Lethal Mask
Shadow Dancer Mask
Shadow Dancer's Headband
Shadow Lich's Bane
Shadow Shinobi Hood
Shining Knight's Helmet
Skull Face
Smuurvil Hat
Soulseeker Grim Hood
Tainted Crown
Tainted Crown of Shadow
Tau Ceti Helm
Techno Hood
Terror Guard
The Armet of the Afterlife
The Master's Hat
Treeant's Mane
Ultimate Victory Armet
Veiled Skyguard Fascinator
Verdant Nymph Wig
Werejaguar Colored Helm


Alpha Male Fox Head Morph
Archfiend Berserker Helm
Bald Drow Morph
Ballistic Battle helm
Barrier Bot Helm
Battle Oracle Hood
Bearded Helm of Glory
Bearded Stonebreaker Guard
Bearded Warrior
Black Knight Cover
Bowler Hat
Boy Goggles
Cat Ears
Chaos Breaker's Hood
Chaos Werewolf Morph
ChaosGoggles - Female
Deathshead Destroyer Helm
DoomLord's War Mask
DragonSlayer General Helm
DragonSlayer General Helm Scarf
Edvard's Face (CC)
Eli's Female Light Trucker Hat
Eli's Male Light Trucker Hat
Feline's Neko Hair
Fiend's Hood
Fiendwarrior Helm
First Mate's Bandana
Flight Goggles
Fox Head Morph
Gaping Fish Head
Genesis Hood of Revontheus
Ghoul Curse
Girly Goggles
Healer's Cowl
Helm of the Highlord
Hidden Chaos Veil
Hood of Shadows (1)
Hooded Metal
Icy Nymph Wig
Lady Lycan Morph
Lotus Helm
Lycan Head Morph
Mage's Hood
Male Lycan Morph
Marine Nymph Wig
Muted Nymph Wig
Mystic's Hood
Nation SoulStealer Hood
Nation SoulStealer Horned Hood
Oculation Helm
Oni's Visage
Pirate Bandana 1
Pirate Bandana 2
Pirate Bandana 3
Pirate Hat 1
Pirate Hat 2
Pirate Hat 3
Potion Mask
Priest's Hood
Prismatic Dragon Morph (Helm)
Prismatic Nekomimi
Prismatic Witch Hat
Prismatic Wizard Hat
Queen Tryal's Crown
Rabbit Ears
Random Weapon of Nulgath
Redemption Helmet (Non-AC)
Redemption Hood (Non-AC)
Reshaper Hair
Rowan's Hat Trick
Seafoam Nymph Wig
Shadow Cowl
Shadow Creeper Enchant
Shadow Weaver's Hood
Shifter Helm of Nulgath
Silver Gunsmith Helm
Snorkling Wolf
Starsteel Helm
Steel Afterlife
Steel Hawk Helm
Steel Skull Mask
Tech Archer Visor
Tom Cat's Neko Hair
Unidentified 18 (Dark Cyclops Face)
Vivid Pom Pom Toque


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