Lionfang's Plans


«Scene: Alina and Hero battling Xavier Lionfang at Poison Forest»

Rolith: In the name of Alteoooooon!

Alina: Please, <Hero>, guard him well. We'll need to deal with him, but later. I've got to go help Rolith!

«Change scene, Rolith in battle with Traitors»

«Alina joins the battle in Rolith's side»

Rolith: … Did I know you knew how to fight?

Alina: Life's full of surprises. Now watch! Don't give them an opening!

«Back to Hero with xavier Lionfang»

Hero: Does your brother know you're here?

Xavier: Of course, you honorless worm. Who do you think SENT me? The time for waiting is over.
Xavier: We will stop at nothing to destroy this abomination of an Alliance! My brother grows stronger, the number of his allies grows.

«Rolith and Traitor in battle»

Rolith: So - *huff* You began to suspect the Lionfangs, too?

«Alina and Traitor in battle»

Alina: It made sense. *arrgh* Warriors for Good, turned to his cause, close to the King.
Alina: Just like I as worried for you. *huff* No one knew where you or your Knights had gone.

«Rolith still in battle with Traitor»

Rolith: After observing my men, the trail led here. *grunt* THe time for action had come. But… I'm glad to have a battle companion.

«Back to Hero and Xavier Lionfang»

Hero: Please, continue. The more I know of your plans, the faster we can move to negate them.

Xavier: Heh, preparation won't save you! I coordinated the poisoning, which has already weakened the King.
Xavier: After a… colored report about what happened here gets out, you - Alteon's pawns - will all be discredited.
Xavier: Agents of the King, Defender of the Alliance, working against Good! The people will rise up!

«Xavier's Lionfangs attempts to attack Hero, however Hero defeats him»

«Back to Rolith and Alina»

Rolith: I've never fought as well, or felt so safe in the midst of battle, as I do with you.

«Back to Hero and Xavier Lionfang, the latter petting his lion»

Xavier: You'll PAY for hurting Silverclaw, <Hero>! I'll see you know agony greater than that of the loyalists.

Hero: I'm sure. Do tell, why DID you decide to burn them? Seems a bit… hot-headed to me.

Xavier: I knew by corrupting the Pactoganol Knights, brainwashing them and returning them to the castle, Alteon would be surrounded by people my brother could trust.
Xavier: The ones who would not see the Light had to be consigned to darkness. It is the only way to ensure the purity of the cause.

«Back to Rolith and Alina»

Alina: If I were going to battle through life with anyone, it would be you.

«Alina and Rolith defeats a Traitor each»

Rolith: In that case… will you be with me through all the battles I face? Marry me, Alina?

«Back at Hero and Xavier Lionfang, now Alina and Rolith has joined them»

Hero: I want your input, both of you, in deciding what to do with him. Attached to the King as you both are, you have as much say in this as I do.

Rolith: I do not see what's to decide. WE will not lower ourselves to his methods.
Rolith: It's imprisonment, with promises of humane treatment if he tells us what we need to know about his brother.

Alina: I -

Xavier: Can YOU say, Poisonwielder, that Good should not be accomplished by ANY means necessary? You came here today to save your Knight, no matterhow brutal the method.
Xavier: Condemn me and you sentence yourself.

Alina: We must each make a choice in life. Come to terms with what we're willing to sacrifce to achieve our goals.
Alina: There is blood on my hands, and I will deal with that. You call poison Evil, and say that it taints me.
Alina: I say I work with the tools and skills I have to further the cuase I belive in.

Xavier: Then how are you different from Maximill -

«Hero knocks Xavier out»

Rolith, Alina and Hero: *whisper whisper*

Hero: A decision is made.

«The Hero then gets a choice between:»

  • Good: Imprisonment for life. We will hunt down your brother, with or without your help
  • Evil: Interrogation to find out Maximilliam's plans, with the aid of Alina's Veri-tonic. Then… execution

«However, either choice will result in the same outcome»

«Xavier Liong and his pet lion are taken away by Knights»

«Hero, Alina and Rolith at castle's outskirts»

Hero: From the looks on your faces, am I right in guessing that -

Alina: We are engaged, and hope you'll be willing to help with the wedding, <Hero>. We couldn't have it without you there!

You are cordially invited to celebrate the wedding of Alina the Poison Mistress and Rolith the Knight-Captain during this special event release of AdventureQuest Worlds' 4th birthday Ceremony begins once you log in and will not stop until you win Bring all your friends and get ready to /party Prepare for epic Event Rare Items
Join us on October 12, 2012 as we

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«Scene fades»

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