Leader of the Golden Onslaught
Blackhorn is one of the oldest tombs that the Darkblood know of. They have not used it for hundreds of years so there might be some very dangerous monsters who claimed it as their home. Be on your guard. I'll stay here and drive off any intruders.

The Darkblood?
The Darkblood are very old race of beings who have worshiped evil longer than humans can remember. In the last few hundred years the warring clans united and built their city of Falguard. Since then, they have kept to themselves but make no mistake… they still worship the dark.

Blackhorn Tomb?
When a member of their clan dies, The Darkblood feast on their fallen brother then lay the bones to rest. Back in the days of tribal warfare, the different clans would use the tombs like this one but since building Falguard here in Thunderforge, they have had little use for tombs like this one. They simply use the catacombs beneath the city instead.

- Blackhorn AC Shop
- Lionfang's Quests

After completing Lionfang's Quests:

Leader of the Golden Onslaught
We are done here. Run back to your king and tell him that I and only I will possess the weapon to battle Chaos. Let him know that I will come to him and offer him one last chance to re-join the cause of true Good! BEGONE!

- Blackhorn AC Shop
- Goto Onslaught Tower
- Blackhorn Tomb Shop



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