LIMft. (Cutscene)


«Scene: The Hero, Cysero, and Twilly outside the LIMFT»

Twilly: Let’s just… never talk about what happened here.

Hero: Fine by me.

«Screen wipe - right to left: The Hero, Cysero, and Lim stand in front of the Ubear, which is stopped in front of a giant beehive»

Lim: Oh, no! It looks like your Ubear has broken down!
Lim: Fortunately, the LIMFT is here to carry you to your destination!

Cysero: What? No!
Cysero: Clearly you’ve sabotaged my Ubear with this giant honeycomb!

Lim: It’s so important to ferret out these little flaws in the system.
Lim: Fortunately, LIMFT uses technologyl, therefore does not get distracted by food.
Lim: I suggest you get a refund from Cysero and purchase a LIMFT token instead.

«Cysero holds out a bag of gold to the Hero»

+1000 Gold!

Cysero: Razzin’ frazzin’

Hero: Sorry. I just don’t want to be stuck out here.

Cysero: This isn’t over, Lim! The Ubear WILL ride again!

Lim: A good scientist always welcomes competition.

«Scene fades»

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