Mad Scientist
Ah, my assistant is here. Once again I have recalibrated the Chemicotron for the most accurate results. It's just through that door there, now see to your duties.

I'm not your assistant.
Don't play games with me, last time you… or was that… didn't you come by after the… This has nothing to do with Lemurphant Tears!

Right away, but first…
What is it this time? And you'd better have a doctor's note.

Turn in Data
What type of data do you have to turn in today?

Ah, you want to know how the research is going? Every mixture using the Chemicotron brings me closer to finishing my world changing project, The Alchemicia Pharmacopeia. Soon all of Lore will know that magic is irrelevant and that all things and their properties can be scientifically explained to produce a defined result!

The Chemicotron is a sophisticated machine developed by yours truly. It is capable of combining almost any two reagents into a powerful solution. The only reason the results are random is because ALINA insists we power it with "magic" runestones. After I collect enough data, the runestones will be unnecessary!

The trick to using the Chemicotron is to heat your mixtures in bursts, allowing a longer amount of time for the runestone to cool after being heated. If that frail runestone is getting close to breaking, use an iceblast. That's the best tip I can give you until I develop a better heating and cooling system for the Chemicotron.

Alchemicia Pharmacopeia?
It is the product of my scientific method. A documentation of the effects of commonly used alchemical reagents. These fools accept the notion that reagents are naturally magical and this is why they can create potions, tonics or elixirs. I am developing proof that it is the reagent's core properties that define what we get from using it!

Think about the progress we could make without the notion of "Magic" holding us back! If you were to aid me in my research by returning to me with any "Scientific" data you acquire while using the Chemicotron I will award you with Academic Merits.

Scientific Method?
Well you see, the way we find facts and prove they are true is through the use of The Scientific Method. In each experiment we only change one thing from the first experiment and then we document the differences. Analysing the data we can come understand the properties of each reagent. It should be called Lim's Method… The Lim-ethod… Lim Process.

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