Lilyandra's Quests

Quest Location: Necropolis Cavern
Quests Begun From: Lilyandra
Note: These quests can only be done once.

Requirements: Must have completed the 'Doom Outside the Dome' quest.

I am plagued by the Shadow Creatures who keep invading my park! Juanita Park is MY home… my only home, and the last place left where Light holds sway. Please, Hero, I would be so grateful if you could remove 4 of the imps and 3 of the Shadowstone creatures. I - I fear for the Light I have left!

Lilyandra, Guardian of Juanita Park, is plagued by the shadow creatures who sneak into her protected forest. Slay the creatures who are trying to corrupt her forest with darkness.

Slay 4 Shadow Imps

Slay 3 Rock Guardians

Items Required:


  • 1,550 Gold
  • 1,550 Exp
  • 1,550 Rep: DoomWood

Thanks to Rich Wind.

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