DeathKnight Lord Trainer
Aaah, Vaden, my dear…One day you will be mi-OH! HELLO ADVENTURER…! Pretend you heard nothing if you value your life. We DeathKnight Lords owe our training all to Lord Vaden. I sense potential in you. Would you also like to crush the souls and the bones of your enemies?

What is a DeathKnight Lord?
Bones, bones and even more bones, a Deathknight Lord is Vaden’s chosen. Using the power imbued in your gauntlet to cast all kinds of foul magics to your enemies, they’ll never get a chance to strike back. Besides, once they are defeated, they’ll only be more bones for your gauntlet in the end.

How to get?
To become a DeathKnight Lord, you’ll be required to do Gravelyn’s quest “Slithering Shadows” at /shadowfall. Once you have enough Shadow Skulls, you’ll need to head to /bonecastle and trade them in at the merge shop. You may also use the Member Class Shop and purchase it with Adventure Coins as well.

- Castle of Bone
- Member Class Shop
- Class Shop

How to use?
Recommended enhancement: Fighter.
DeathKnight Lords can handle up to three enemies at once. They steal their opponents' bones in order to power up their own skills and how heavily they impact their foes. The more bones you have, the more damage you can deal, the slower you can make your opponents, or the more hits you can withstand! With Cerement, you can even heal yourself!

Location: Class Hall C


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