Neo Metal Necro Trainer
Dead metal nation rise! I want to hear you scream and shriek! Haha, not bad! You shouldn't be shambling in the mosh pit. I'm "Wasted Earth," and don't worry- we'll work on getting you a stage name too. I'm the most rockin' Neo Metal Necro on this side of the grass, and I know talent when I see it. You're gonna hit the scene like a necromantic curse! C'mon, try out a few riffs on the guitar.

What is a Neo Metal Necro?
Forget Heavy Metal bands, and forget those nerdy Necromancers. They're chumps compared to the necro dead rockers! It's all about the music, your voice, and a crazy bit of necromancy. We raise the dead with our rocking sounds, and make the living shriek in awe and terror! They'll never feel more alive than the moment right before they join our shambling horde of fans.

How to get?
The Skull Dome's holding a Battle of the Bands. You're going to need to win that before Johnny Trax opens the Merge shop. Then, you can trade materials in to get the Neo Metal Necro class from her. C'mon, that's gotta sound easy for an up and comer like you!

- Skull Dome

How to use?
Recommended Enhancement: Fighter, Lucky.
Use Enranging Pain to reduce your health, then use Mental Breakdown at low HP to deal increased damage. If your HP is too low for comfort, use Subsuming Scream to heal yourself.

Location: Class Hall A


Thanks to Amduscia.

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