Light Temple Cutscene 1


«Scene: The Hero runs up to a giant book at the bottom level of the Light Temple.»

Hero: Wow! This book is huge.
Hero: The marking on the cover is odd… it looks like a giant Dragon's claw.

«The Hero opens the book.»

Hero: Oh no… most of the pages are missing.
Hero: AND I don't know what language this book is written in. I have never seen anything like this before…

«Zorbak jumps into frame, landing next to the Hero.»

Zorbak: Meh. It's in the language of Ancient Dragons.

Hero: Zorbak! Whaaa… where did you…. WAIT! Did you just say "The Language of Ancient Dragons!?"

Zorbak: Meh. Yeah. That book contains secrets no human should EVER know.

Hero: Well, I want to know! What does it say?

Zorbak: HAH! How would I know? Doubt there's anyone living who can read Ancient Dragon.

Book of Lore: *cough* I CAN.

Zorbak: WOAH! Woah! Woah! Woah! Woah! Woah!
Zorbak: Woah! Woah! Woah….
Zorbak: Woah! Woah…
Zorbak: Woah……..
Zorbak: *clears throat* Meh, sorry. Ya caught me off guard there. WHAT'S THAT!?

«Hero takes out the Book of Lore… leaving their weapon magically floating in midair.»

Hero: Oh, this? This is that magical book I carry around…

Zorbak: ?

Hero: You know… The Book of Lore. The one I access all my old quests and cutscenes from. It has a little icon next to the rest button.

Zorbak: … and it talks?

Hero: Yeah….. it talks.

Book of Lore: I can do a lot more than talk. In fact I am really anxious to start working on my singing career.

Zorbak: Meh. Well……. can you tell us what the Ancient Dragon Tome says then?

Book of Lore: SURE! Just let me eat that Ancient Dragon Tome and I'll tell you what it says.

Hero: Sure… here you go.

Zorbak: WOAAAAAAAH! You are just going to feed your magic book buddy this Ancient Dragon Tome of super secrets!?

Feed the ancient Tome to your Book of Lore?

  • Yes! Feed the Tome to your Book of Lore.
  • Yes… but add ketchup.
  • Yes… but add chocolate.
  • Yes… but add ketchup AND chocolate!

«The Book of Lore starts consuming the giant book while the Hero and Zorbak watch.»

Book of Lore: *CHOMP* *CHOMP* Yummmmm!!!!!! Just the way I like it.
Book of Lore: WOW! Delicious. This is the best tome I've had in ages.

«Scene fades»

«The Hero stands next to Zorbak, holding the Book of Lore. Shreds of paper are all that remain of the Ancient Dragon Tome.»

Hero: So what's it say?

Book of Lore: Lets see it says… OMG! Wait. Sorry. These are things no human should EVER know.

Hero: WHAT!?

Zorbak: Hah! Told ya so!

«Hero shakes the Book of Lore.»

Hero: Hey! We had a deal.

Book of Lore: Alright… alright… but it's missing a lot of pages.
Book of Lore: If you find all of the missing pages, I'll tell you all that I can.

Hero: Alright. But you better keep up your end of the bargain!

«Scene fades»

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