Life After Victoria

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«Scene: Victoria and Bandit Drakath»

Drakath: She's more beautiful than I expected…
Drakath: Maybe I don't kill her… it would be a pity to kill someone so beautiful when they could rule by my side instead!

Victoria: He's really handsome for an evil guy… maybe I could change him instead!

Drakath: I've decided to spare your life.

Victoria: I've decided to spare your life too.

Drakath: If we ever meet again *gulps* it will be a fight to the death!

Victoria: I really hope we meet again too! I mean to fight to the death… um…

«Scene Fades»

«Scene: Drakath By Chaos Gate»

Drakath: And our paths did cross, many times, for I allied myself with the DoomKnight known as Sepulchure.

«Screen Goes Black»

To Be Continue…

«Scene Fades»

«End of Cutscene»

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