Licorice Twist (Cutscene)



«Scene: Laidronette, the Hero and Chicot on Screen 11 of Necro Carnival»

Hero: What now, Chicot?
Hero: We've gathered all of the components to appeal to the Forest's Spirit.
Hero: Is the show ready to go?

«Scene shakes and the Hero takes a battle stance»

Chicot: It finally is, <Hero>! This is my breakthrough!

«Chicot starts glowing and green lightning appears around him»

Chicot: The beginning of my greatest triumph!

«Close up on Chicot»

Chicot: And your final curtain call!
Chicot: All will be revealed-

«Chicot transforms into Noxus in a green explosion»

Noxus: - By the great Claw of the Necropolis.
Noxus: The chief Necromancer of the Shadowscythe, Nox-

«Close up on Hero clapping their hands»

Hero: Six out of ten reveal. Wish you kept the jester outfit, Noxus.
Hero: Who told you to suit up like that? I want to be friends with them.

«Laidronette is shocked»

Laidronette: So that's why he's smelly! He's DEAD. …Do you know each other?

Hero: Kind of. He already gave that intro so I don't have anything to add.
Hero: Besides how he needs to pay attention to current events.
Hero: What are you trying to pull here? Shouldn't Gravelyn know about this?

Noxus: Insolent as always, <Hero>. My wisdom served the Shadowscythe for centuries.
Noxus: There would be no undead army if it were not for me!
Noxus: Though there have been missteps.
Noxus: And the Empress may have reason to push me to the side these days.
Noxus: But the spellbook I discovered led me here.
Noxus: It revealed that the body of a powerful beast is buried in these woods.
Noxus: Merely by feeding off of its corpse, the forest down to its roots was transformed into a bloodthirsty predator in of itself.

«Close up on Noxus»

Noxus: And now, I will raise the savage beast to my beck and call.
Noxus: A new gem in the Shadowscythe's army, cut oh so skillfully by their best!
Noxus: This monster will prove that I remain unmatched by all who seek to replace me!
Noxus: The Forest's Spirit - The Deva!

«Flames appear around Noxus»

Noxus: I thank you, the true fool of this wretched carnival.
Noxus: Without you, the remaining riddles of the spell couldn't have been unraveled.
Noxus: All it took was tricking a gaggle of stupid brats for this treat!

«Deva appears from inside the ground»

Noxus: Just as it did to its previous masters' enemies, I'll have my new beast rend the skin from your bones!
Noxus: Then I'll raise you from the dead, and it'll be your skull stuck to my staff.

«Close up on worried Noxus»

Noxus: W-what?
Noxus: My necromancy isn't working? Again?
Noxus: But I gathered the children, trapped them with my curse…
Noxus: All of the ingredients are correct this time.
Noxus: The spell is completed!
Noxus: Why don't I have control?

Hero: You can't control the dead if the heart's still beating.
Hero: I had my hunch when you told me the names of the mages.
Hero: That's why I played along with your bad acting.
Hero: They weren't real mages. Just a couple of lonely kids playing pretend.

«Close up on the Deva»

Hero: Those kids made a big friend in these woods.
Hero: I could tell they cared a lot about this Deva. Enough to worry for its future.
Hero: So it's very much alive.

Laidronette: YIKES! That's alive?
Laidronette: Eugh, of course he'd look like that. He hasn't eaten in forever.

Noxus: Silence! This isn't happening!
Noxus: I put too much blood and gold into this to fail!
Noxus: You're hungry? There's plenty of fresh meat to feast on!

The Deva: Rrrr…ussel?

«Hero takes a battle stance»

«Close up on The Deva staring to cry»

The Deva: Vi…Vio?

«Laidronette holding the children close»

«The Deva preparing to attack»

The Deva: Ah..le..ah…WRAAAAAH!

«The Deva steps on Noxus, destroying his body»

Hero: Ew, I didn't know bone marrow could splatter like that.

«Hero prepares to kick Noxus' head»

Noxus: You wouldn't dare!

«Hero kicks Noxus' head towards Deva»

Hero: I'll let Gravelyn know about your accident later.

«Close up on the Hero»

Hero: The Deva's heading West. He's trying to leave the forest!

Laidronette: To find the authors?
Laidronette: If he can't find them…No, when he can't find them…

Hero: It won't be a pretty tantrum.

Laidronette: Wait, <Hero>. Please don't hurt the Deva!

Hero: I get it, he's groggy and very angry.
Hero: I'd be too if Noxus' crusty mug was the first thing I saw when I woke up.
Hero: Alright buddy, you just need a little bonk on the head.
Hero: Let's get you a few extra hours of shut eye.
Hero: Always works for me!

«Hero runs towards The Deva»
«Scene fades»

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