Bard Class Trainer
As a Bard, music rocks your world… and the battlefield! Your special abilities allow you to stay in tune with those around you, whether your powers are used to heal or to hurt.

How to get?
There are 2 places to purchase Bard Class. You can either buy it from the Mythsong Rep Shop, or you can purchase it here. It requires rank 4 in Mythsong rep. (Legend only)

- Bard Class (Shop)
- Go to Mythsong

How to use?
Recommended enhancement: Wizard, Lucky
Bard shines most as part of a group. They can buff the party's damage, haste, and crit chance, or debuff those stats on a single enemy. Bards can heal their allies over time, and apply a DOT that increases every time the target is attacked— more party members means more hits, and higher damage.

Location: Class Hall A
Note: Also see Tom Foolery.


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