Let the Fight Commence


«Scene: Flintfang is seen holding a bouquet of nasturtium»

Flintfang: Victory. A defeat of the reciever, at the hands of the sender.
Flintfang: In our code, that be what receiving a bouquet like this one means.
Flintfang: So don't think I be not knowin' who it's from!
Flintfang: Lackey! How could ye betray me like that? Workin' fer HER?

Bonnie Blood: Now, don't go blamin' her.
Bonnie Blood: After all, how could such a fresh-faced young hero be expected to resist my charms?

Hero: I'm not THAT fresh-faced.

Flintfang: Argh! Ye hornswagglin' wench! I'm warning' ye-

Bonnie Blood: Wench? I be no scullery maid! I be more of a pirate than ye'll ever be!
Bonnie Blood: …which ye'll soon find out when I take that crown!

Flintfang: Oh, well if ye're so eager to show off, then maybe we be startin' the contest early!
Flintfang: Maybe we be startin' it NOW.

Bonnie Blood: The Black Veil crew be more than ready te take on yer crew o' mangy mongrels!

Flintfang: Well, Lackey, time to choose a side!
Flintfang: Will ye be showin' yer loyalty to the Captain o' the Full Moon?

Bonnie Blood: Or will ye support me, and indulge in the riches and decadence of the Black Veil?

«Scene fades»

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