Ranger Class Trainer
Rangers are stealthy, wealthy, and wise to the ways of their opponents. Able to take down tyrants without blinking an eye or breaking a bowstring, you'll range far and wide with this Class, gaining gold and glory! Only those who have survived the unforgiving Sandsea and hold a Rank 10 Sandsea Reputation may call themselves a Ranger.

How to get?
There are 2 ways to obtain Ranger Class. You can purchase it for gold once you have Rank 10 in Sandsea, OR you can purchase it for AdventureCoins.

- Ranger Class
- Go to SandSea

How to use?
Recommended enhancement: Lucky, Thief
Rangers are designed for multitarget DPS - all of their abilities, including auto-attack, hit two enemies. Mark for Death applies a stack of Death Mark, which increases the effects of all their other skills. The more stacks you have, the larger the effect will be. In addition to increasing the damage you deal, Vampiric Shot's self-heal increases with Death Mark as well.

Location: Class Hall A
Note: Also see Greenguard Ranger.


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