Leonyrd Skynbird


One-Bird Band
I used to be the chirp of the town, but look at me now! A buzzing fleabird! You better watch out. A new neighbird flew into town and made a nest in the marsh. They're the worst! I bet they had to move here because heroes like you ran them out. They think they can throw their weight just 'cause they're big and meaty? Well, it's time we showed them a thing or two! And by we, I mean you… my feathers aren't waterproof.

I am up to HERE with this nonsense! If I don't get to vent, I'll explode!.

A Stymphalian Bird moved into the marsh next to town. Normally we're pretty welcoming, but that Sytmphalian needs to have at least a little common decency! When they first arrived, the flock and I saw that they were half-plucked from a human attack! We felt terrible, but now, it's clear that they were attacked in self defense! Wouldn't you lash out if someone ten times your size thought your home was an outhouse?

Let me tell you! The things we've seen ever since the Stymphalian moved in! They're loud, rude, and tore down trees to make their ugly nest. And worst of all… *shudders*. I was minding me own business, playing guitar on my roof as you do, and a Stymphalian dropping splattered on top of my house! Them eating waterfowl is nothing compared to what their meteoric messes did to me! Just look!

Ugliness ain't skin deep this time around. Something inside this fowl is foul! Their droppings are poisonous and cause mutations. Look at what getting drenched did to me! I have a mouth tube instead of a beak! My tail feathers fell off and hardened into an exoskeleton! I used to be the chirp of the town, and now I'm a bloodsucking has-been. Be careful if you're going into the marsh, but pluck them bald for me!

- Leonyrd Skynbird's Quest
- Free as a Bird Merge

Location: Birds with Harms
Note: This NPC is a parody of Lynyrd Skynyrd.


Thanks to Kaidou.

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