Leif Wallin


Cafe Owner
Would you look at that! A real celebrity in our very own town! We haven't had a visitor as famous as you since King Alteon came to visit with his family years ago. Don't go selling yourself short, we get folks from Battleon all the time gossi - er chatting about your exploits. Are you here to spectate the sled races? Well, drop by before the race starts. I'll get you a hot cup of joe to warm your hands with.

The sled race bars newbies from entering - even if they're riding with a professional. The woods are so thick that the trees block the moonlight, and frequent blizzards constantly change the landscape. Without any maintained routes, racers would need to know the mountain like the back of their hand to navigate. And don't get me started on the caves! You could fall into one by accident and never be seen again!

Did you see Ingrid lurking around? Yes, we know her son was lost in the rescue effort that inspired the sled races. I feel bad for her but does she have to put such a damper on the festivities? It's been decades, she could have had another child. I'm being insensitive? Oh haha, apologies but maybe we'd be nicer if she stopped ‘cursing' the race…some of us believe she's actually attempting dark magic to make good on her word.

The mountains may be perilous, but you can leave your door unlocked in Diauhtla. For a while, rowdy vacationers and vagrants took advantage of our remote location. We have our own small group of authorities but for anything major, we'd need support from the Kingdom. It would take too long for us to send word for aid. Then, about when Snowview Inn was built, all that hooliganism came to a grinding halt.

Location: Snowview


Thanks to Bad.

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