Legion Vs Nation


«Scene: The Legion and The Nation fighting in the Underworld»

«A Legion member swings his sword at a Nulgath Follower and knocks him on his knees»

«The Legion Member then holds his sword up to the Nulgath Follower's neck»

«Another Nulgath follower comes out of nowhere and kicks the Legion Member backwards»

«Screen zooms in on the Legion Member»

Legion Member: You'll take me over my dead body!

«Screen moves to the two Nulgath Followers»

Nulgath Follower: … Exactly.

«A Legion member is knocked down by Klunk»

«A Blade Master stabs a Nulgath Follower»

«A Dark Caster is on the ground with Revontheus hovering over Her»

«The Undead Legend stands on top of a defeated Nulgath Follower»

«Legion Members charge at Nulgath Followers and Nulgath Followers charge at Legion Members»

«Screen goes to Dage the Evil»

Dage the Evil: Undead Legion! TO ME! ADVANCE!
Dage the Evil: Nulgath's army is made of maggots; easy to CRUSH and smear across the Underworld!
Dage the Evil: Show them all that the student has surpassed their Master.

«Screen fades out and back in showing Nulgath and one of his soldiers»

Nulgath: He believes that he is doing well; that his Legion is strong.
Nulgath: Show those mewling muppets out TRUE power!
Nulgath: Cut them off at the knees. It is time for Dage the Evil… to fall.

«Scene fades»

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