Legendary Dragon / The Dragon Koi


Princess Miko: If that rift isn't closed soon, the world would belong to Kitsune and his Yokai minions.

Hero: Kitsune used this sword to open the rift, so I can use it to close it… right?

Princess Miko: Yes, but how could you possibly reach the rift when it is all the way…

Hero: That's all I needed to know, Princess.
Hero: Leave the rest to me!

Princess Miko: This… is impossible?

Daisuke: What is it, Princess?

Princess Miko: The hero… is going to make it to the top of the "waterfall of yokai" pouring out of the rift!

Obaasan: It's just like the story of the Koi fish…

Princess Miko: …This IS the story! That hero is the LEGENDARY DRAGON!

Hero: HA HA! I did it!
Hero: Uh Oh…

Kitsune: I can see that the hero is more of a problem than I first thought.
Kitsune: I cannot allow anything to interfere with my plans. The rift must be re-opened…
Kitsune: …but first I have to deal with this Legendary Dragon myself.

«Scene fades»

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