Legend Only Quests

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Bold quests indicate a full Legend quest chain.
Normal quests indicate Legend quest(s) within a mixed quest chain.
Italic quests indicate free player quests which require a Legend item.

Agent Sloan's Quests
Ai No Miko's Quests
Alexia's Quests
Ang'st's Quests
Arcane Orb's Quests
ArchLich Xollen's Quests
Argyron's Quests
Aria's Butcher Shop Quest
Aria's Quests
Artix's Quests
Athon's Quests
Bal Gravestorm's Quests
Bamboozle's Quests
Barnestable's Quests
Baron Luca's Quests
Bastet's Quests
Beleen's Quests
Benet's Quests
Blizzy's Quests
Blood Orb's Quests
Brysin's Daily Quests
Bulbug's Quest
Cabdury's Quests
Campfire Quests
Captain Stratos' Quests
Cave Man's Quests
Charon's Quests
Cleric Dawn's Quests
Collection Quests
Conn's Quests
Cornelis Chest's Quest
Cowering Zardman's Quests
Crag's Quests
Cynari's Quests
Cysero & Beleen's Quests
Cysero's Orb's Quests
Cysero's Quests
Dage the Evil's Quests
Deady's Quests
Death's Quests
Domi Coldsteel's Quests
Doppelganger Of They's Quests
Dragonkoi Z Quests
Drakath's Quests
Dr'Rader's Quests
Drudgen the Assistant's Quests
Duke Ellington's Quests
Duncan's Quests
Elder Ironwood's Quests
Etain's Quests
Ethan's Quests
Exos' Quests
Fae's Quests
Faith's Quests
Falco's Quests
Faopaw's Daily Quests
Farmer Zeek's Quests
Fear's Quest
Ferzana's Quests
Fire Thief Ghost's Quests
Galanoth's Birthday Quests
General Zephis' Quests
Ghaz's Quests
Goblin Forest Warrior Pet's Quest
Goblin Wolf-Rider Pet's Quest
Granny V's Quests
Gravelyn's Evil Quests
Gren's Special Offer's Quests
GrimDawn and GrimDusk's Quests
Guru Traveller's Quests
Gustav duGrog's Quests
Hartok Darksoil's Quests
Hodan Cornelis' Quests
Hs'Sakar's Quests
Invidia's Quests
J6's Quests
Jessor's Quests
JiSerai's Quests
Johnny G's Quests
Kage's Quest
Kagg's Quests
Khasaanda's Quests
Kierk's Quests
Kimberly's Quests
King Alteon's Good Quests
Klunk's Quests
Knave1's Quests
Lady Speedstyk's Quests
Lim's Quests
Ll'rillor's Quests
Logash's Quests
Lowell Cat's Quests
Madra's Quests
Malorie's Quests
Maya's Quests
Mhar Tea's Quests
Mia's Quests
Michem's Quests
Mido's Quests
Mini King Klunk's Quests
Anna and Otto's Quests
Molgulp's Quests
Mount Mafic Flame Quest
Mr Krieger's Quest
Mrs. Krieger's Quests
Mr Wavell's Quests
Nathrae's Quests
Neko Mata's Quests
Neveya's Quests
Nhia's Quests
Nightmare Child's Quests
Nukemichi's Quests
Nulgath Larvae's Quests
Nulgath's Combat Style Quests
Nulgath's Minions Quests
Nulgath's Quests
Nulgath's Temporary Quests
Oblivion Blade of Nulgath's Quests
Oishii's Quests
Orlok's Quests
Otix's Quest
Panlong's Quests
Paragon Pet's Quests
Pete Noggle's Quests
Pre-Black Friday Quests
Portal (NPC) (2)'s Quests
Primal Orb's Quests
PvP Rewards Quests
Quibble's Quests
Rakham's Quests
Ralstis' Quest
Ranger Korin's Quest
Red Hunting Hood's Quests
Robina's Quests
Rogath's Quests
Role-Playing Game's Quests
Rolith's Quests
Rowan's Quests
Saluk's Quest
Samba's Quests
Scott the Pilgrim's Quests
Shadow Orb's Quests
Shadow Thief Ghost's Quests
Shi Mar's Quest
Sir Vival's Quests
Sloan's Note's Quests
Sloan's Quest
Sokrakiis' Quests
Sput's Quests
Sword of Nulgath's Quests
Taro's Quest
Tek's Quests
Terrarium Quests
The Cloister's Quest
Tibias' Quests
Tom Foolery's Quests
Tropos' Quests
Twig's Quests
Twilly's Quests
Uldor's Quests
Ultra Carnax Quest
Valencia's Quests
Vayle's Quests
Veddrian's Quests
Voltaire/Live Quests
Voltaire's Quests
Warlic (Golem)'s Quests
Warlic's Quests
Water Thief Ghost's Quests
William Sneevil's Quest
X'Dir's Quests
Yara's Quests
Yorumi and Yuki's Quests
Yulgar's Inn's Daily Quests
Zot's Quests

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