Legend of the Frozen Claymore


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Legend of the Frozen Claymore

Throughout Lore's history, the Elemental Avatars have disputed and warred over territory. In one such engagement, the Avatar of Ice, Kyanos, and the Avatar of Fire, Fiamme, met head to head.

The battle raged for decades, Avatar versus Avatar, devastating the land around them. That was when Fiamme struck a blow so powerful against Kyanos that a piece of his essence broke off.

Fiamme, distraught that she had caused so much pain to Kyanos, made a pact. The essence was forged into a weapon capable of slaying any Fire creature that threatened the world of Lore.

Blessed by the Avatar of Fire, the weapon was granted the ability to nullify the abilities of any Fire adversary. A similar weapon was forged for the Realm of Fire by the Avatar of Ice, as well.

From that day, the Realms of Fire and Ice have been in balance. While this weapon has changed forms over the many centuries of its existence, its current form is known as the Frozen Claymore.

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Locked away in an uncharted mountain, the Frozen Claymore is protected by an ancient guardian of Ice. Only one With a strong will and the intention to bring balance to Fire and Ice can wield the Claymore.

Otherwise, it is stated the Claymore will freeze and shatter any that wish to misuse its power.

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