Legacy of Darkness


«Scene: Asherion, Kyger, and Stellaria next to the shaking time machine with the Hero in it»

Hero: Before I go, you gotta tell me…
Hero: What happened? What caused all of this?

Stellaria: It all happened when you started getting your powers back.

«The time machine starts glowing»

Hero: My Eternal Dragon of Time powers!?

Stellaria: You made the choice… Well, I don’t know if you had a choice.

Hero: What are you trying to tell me, Stellaria?
Hero: Who did this? Who killed your father?

Stellaria: You did, <Hero>.
Hero: WHAT!?

Stellaria: If you make it back in time… you still have chance to change everything.

«Screen fades to white»

Stellaria: Whatever you do, don't--

«Scene: Hero fades from white in Doomwood Forest»

Hero: Don’t WHAT?! Augh!

«Screen wipe - right to left: the golden, sparkling outhouse»
«Screen wipe - right to left: back to the Hero»

Hero: OMG! Finally!

«Screen wipe - left to right: Artix fighting undead with the Blinding Light of Destiny»
«Screen wipe - left to right: the Hero running through the forest»
«A bone flies through the air and hits the Hero and then flies off-screen to the top-left. The Hero is knocked below off-screen»
«Scene: Black screen»
«The bone falls down off-screen»

Hero: Ow.

«Screen wipe - right to left: zoom out from outside the outhouse»>

Hero: Aaaaaaahhhhh…
Hero: I can’t believe I held it that long.

«A shield hits the outhouse and shakes it»
«The outhouse falls off a cliff»


«Scene: Artix fighting undead»
«Artix turns to look to the right»

Artix: Hey!
Artix: Oh no! Is <Hero> still inside that thing?

Skeleton: uhhh huuuuuuhhhhh!

«Screen wipe - right to left: the Hero stands with Twilly and Artix next to the fallen outhouse»

Hero: Artix! You’re still alive!

Artix: Right back at you! *sniff* PHEW, Buddy…

«Hero points»

Hero: There are so many things I HAVE to tell you!

Artix: Okay, my friend… but maybe we should find you a shower first!

Twilly: Yeah, cause Twilly powers can't heal stinky!


Artix: Do not worry! Whatever it is… we will find a way to win. Together.

«Scene fades»

The past is written….
…but the future is not.
Every action you take ripples through time.
Make every choice to make the world a better place.

«Scene fades»
«A photo of the Hero riding the outhouse appears»
«A photo of the Hero holding Twilly like a baby as Artix laughs appears»
«A photo of the Hero, Twilly, and Artix fighting undead next to the fallen outhouse appears»
«Scene fades»

Treasure every precious memory….

«Scene: Asherion, Kyger, and Stellaria with mugs of moglinberry juice around a table with a picture of the Hero jumping in the Tech Fortress»

Asherion: BATTLE ON!
Stellaria: BATTLE ON!

«Scene fades»

Kyger: Hey, think anyone can use that Time Travel machine?

Asherion: KYGER!!!!!!
Stellaria: KYGER!!!!!!

DoomWood III: Legacy of Darkness…. complete!

«Scene fades»

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