Ledgermayne's Plot


«Scene: Drakath's Realm»

Ledgermayne: The portal has been repaired.
Ledgermayne: The hero was able to reconnect the power source, designated: The Cloister

Drakath: Well done, Ledgermayne.

Ledgermayne: Thank you, Master.

Drakath: That distraction was more than enough time for us to prepare the Golem.
Drakath: When the hero enters your plane of existence, there will be a nasty surprise waiting.

Ledgermayne: This one does not want the hero to enter it's realm.

Drakath: What you want or do not want is no concern to me, Chaos Lord.
Drakath: When the hero tries to enter the para-elemental plane of magic where you are strongest, you will allow it.


Drakath: Ledgermayne, before my chaos magic rather unexpectedly gave you life, you were just a mass of mana floating in the ether. Would you like to return to that state?

Ledgermayne: This form prefers its current incarnation, Master.

Drakath: Then you will do as your creator commands.

Ledgermayne: This form complies with the Master's wishes.

«Screen fade»

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