Ledgermayne's Plan / Third piece


«Hero obtains the Wrap of Gilead.»

Ledgermayne: We warned the master that you were resourceful.

Hero: I… I'm not scared of you Ledgermayne! You can go back and tell Drakath…

«Ledgermayne appears.»

Ledgermayne: We no longer take direction from the master.

Hero: Then, why call him "the master".

Ledgermayne: It is a meaningless designation. He wanted us to call him the master when he first encountered us, so we do. This form sees no reason to cease calling him this.

Hero: If you no longer serve Drakath, then you were able to break free of his control without him destroying you.

Ledgermayne: One cannot destroy magic. One can only reshape it.

Hero: Then help me! Side with me and use your power to stop Drakath!

Ledgermayne: Now that we have a will of our own, this form no longer wishes to be controlled by the master nor any other sentient. Magic is no longer yours to use as you can see fit. Soon we will seal off the para-elemental plane of magic from Lore forever. You creatures will be free to fight amongst yourselves.

Hero: But… I thought magic was Lore's life force. If you seal off magic from Lore, won't everything die off?

Ledgermayne: Correct

Hero: I won't let you do that, Ledgermayne.

Ledgermayne: You will not be allowed to complete the Supreme Arcane Staff.

«Ledgermayne disappears, sending <Hero> back.»

Hero: What does that mean?

«Screen fade»

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